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   The symbol and logo of Korean Air shows a corporate image of Korean Air flying to be a leading airline in the world's aviation industry.

Symbol Mark Logo & Wordmark
Color Control Signature including the SkyTeam Logo

Symbol Mark

The symbol of Korean Air is designed to promote its status as a national carrier. Based on the concept of Yin and Yang that is incorporated in the national flag, and the red and blue colors in perfect harmony derived from the Taeguk circle, the mark symbolizes the dynamic strength of the company.

The white shape positioned between the red and blue represents a propeller in motion, symbolizing its powerful driving force and the pioneering spirit of the company. The shape constitutes a critical part of the symbol and is not to be omitted or altered in any way.

The single color version is designed with several horizontal lines in the upper part to add a clear distinction between upper and lower parts in terms of hue.

There is no white area that separates the upper and lower parts. Instead, these parts are separated by the background color.

Logo & Wordmark
The word mark is designed with a combination of the logo and the symbol to express Korean Air’s corporate philosophy and identity. This is the most important element when it comes to the Korean Air’s CI, and it must be used consistently. In addition, the word mark must be in English regardless of region. There are two versions of the word mark: one-line and two-line. The one-line version should be used at all times, but the two-line version may be used if there is not enough space for the first one.
Color Control

Maintaining the color integrity of the symbol and word mark is critical to deliver its unique color design. The color scheme specifies the mode of expression for the word mark according to the brightness of the background. Precise use of colors and strict compliance are required because any alteration can affect brand reputation and communication with customers.

If the background color is brighter than 40% in ink density, a positive image must be used; otherwise, a negative image must be used. 

Signature including the SkyTeam Logo
skyteam signature

The signature must be used after it has been combined with the logo. However, the SkyTeam logo cannot be used for any Korean Air exclusive sponsorship in which SkyTeam does not participate.

When using the SkyTeam signature, the ratio between the Korean Air word mark and the SkyTeam logo must not be altered. The minimum permitted size of the SkyTeam logo is 6mm in height. For an application of any size less than 6mm in height, the Korean Air word mark without the SkyTeam logo must be used