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Sustainability Management/Greetings from CEO

Greetings from CEO

Dear stakeholders, Korean Air thrives on its close relationship with customers and other stakeholders through balanced economic, social and environmental growth. The company might have begun as a small regional airline 43 years ago, but it has grown into one of the world’s leading global carriers with routes spanning the globe thanks to your unwavering support.

Korean Air now carries an average of 20 million passengers annually, while maintaining unrivaled performance in transporting international freight. Along with its outstanding business performance, the company is also adamant about maintaining sustainable growth through its triple bottom line in business operations.

Sustainable development is not only related to companies and their stakeholders, but is also about sustaining the planet and future generations. Korean Air has long been aware of this, which is why it has been committed to environmental management since the early 1990s. Under strict environmental management principles, Korean Air has been actively involved in a number of activities to mitigate global warming through global reforestation projects. Also, everyone at Korean Air has been volunteering to contribute to numerous social contribution activities, making the volunteer program a crucial part of our corporate culture.

These efforts continued through 2011 under a well-organized system, when the company adopted the more ecofriendly next-generation A380 aircraft. In addition, our work process has been innovated and efficiency has been enhanced with our fleet. At the same time, we have continued to become closer to local communities. In particular, we take pride in that our patronage to the bid committee played a crucial part in Pyeongchang’s winning bid for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

In 2012, Korean Air set a “communication and harmony” goal for the year. These two words reflect our age-old business philosophy and corporate culture, while setting the direction for a new era in the coming years. Communicating and harmonizing with company staff, customers, and society will help us effectively deal with ever-changing business environments as well as achieve sustainable growth economically, environmentally and socially.

The key to effective communication lies in flexibility and tolerance of others’ opinions and beliefs. Korean Air promotes active discussion across the board to find solutions for internal issues. At the same time, we ensure steady profit levels for the company by constantly improving our fundamentals and stressing innovation to reinforce our organizational competencies and corporate competitiveness. We firmly believe we will be able to achieve higher growth and greater profitability in 2012 through these efforts.

In addition, we ensure open and direct communication with our customers for greater customer satisfaction, and we also continue to promote a creative corporate culture to attract and retain global talent, allowing the company to grow with talented employees alongside satisfied customers. As we move forward, we will also remain vigilant of our corporate social responsibilities. All of our employees will take part in the company’s commitment to community engagement as the company maintains its commitment to community engagement programs.

In short, we will reinforce our competitiveness through communicative and harmonious leadership. Korean Air is taking flight to a higher place for a better future through sustainable growth.

Thank you.

 Chairman and CEO
Yang-Ho, Cho
Korean Air