Morning Calm Club

Morning Calm Club Qualification

  • 50,000 miles or more on Korean Air, or
  • 40 qualifying flights on Korean Air*, or
  • 50,000 or more combined miles on Korean Air and SKYPASS partners
    (provided that at least 30,000 miles are earned from Korean Air)

    NOTE: One Korean domestic flight is counted as half a qualifying flight. Any travel on non-mileage accruing tickets does not count as a qualifying segment.


Morning Calm Club Period

  • Valid for 2 Years
    Only applicable to Morning Calm Club members whose membership period ends until January 31, 2022 as our new elite program will be in effect as of February 1, 2022.


Morning Calm Club Benefits

  • Morning Calm Check-in Counter 
    Please use the SkyPriority counter if the Morning Calm counter is closed.
  • Additional Checked Baggage Allowance
    (excluding travel in Economy Class to and from the Americas)
  • Priority baggage handling (Korean Air only)
  • Priority reservation waitlist (applicable to same booking class, excluding waitlist at the airport)
  • SkyTeam Elite Member Eligibility
  • Access to Korean Air's exclusive Prestige Class lounge (up to 4 times during a 2-year membership period)
    * Access available to an accompanying passenger with 1 additional deduction from the access allowance
    * Lounge access is available on the day of the travel at your departing airport and may be subject to lounge availability. (Travel must be on a Korean Air flight and the ticket must have been issued with a Korean Air flight number. Lounge access is not available if travel is on a SkyTeam airline or other partner airline)


Conditions for Maintaining a Morning Calm Club Membership

To extend your membership for additional 2 years, simply fulfill any one of the following during your current membership period.

  • Accumulate 30,000 or more flown miles on Korean Air 
  • Fly 20 more qualifying segments(*) on Korean Air
  • Accumulate a combined 30,000 or more flown miles with Korean Air and partner companies, provided that at least 20,000 miles or 15 qualifying flight segments(*) are on Korean Air
    (*) One Korean domestic flight is counted as half a qualifying flight. Any travel on non-mileage accruing tickets does not count as a qualifying segment.


  • If you fail to fulfill any one of these criteria, your membership will revert back to base status. If, however, you do fulfill at least one of these conditions within a 2-year time frame, your membership will again be elevated to Morning Calm Club status.
  • The miles to maintain or reacquire Morning Calm status are recalculated as of the date of your membership renewal.


Important Information

  • Lounge benefits are subject to limitations depending on lounge availability or contract condition.
  • Benefits are subject to limitations on code-share flights operated by other carriers or connections to non-Korean Air flights.
  • Benefits are not available if travel is on a non-Korean Air-ticketed code-share flight with no Korean Air number, even though that flight may be operated by Korean Air.
  • Please present your membership card to receive elite benefits of Korean Air or SkyTeam.
  • Allowance of 1 additional baggage:
    • Morning Calm Club
      - First and Prestige classes : 1 Piece (32kg)
      - Economy class : 1 Piece (23kg)
      (when flying economy on itineraries to/from Americas, additional 1 free baggage cannot be applied.)
    • Morning Calm Premium Club
      - First and Prestige classes : 1 Piece (32kg)
      - Economy class : 1 Piece (23kg)
    • Million Miler Club
      - Economy, Prestige and First Classes : 1 Piece (32kg)
    • For flights with free baggage allowance based on the weight system, such as Korean domestic flights, additional allowances of 10kg for Morning Calm Club, 20kg for Morning Calm Premium Club,and 30 kg for Million Miler Club members will be provided.