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Thank you for flying with Korean Air.

We always strive to do our best to ensure convenience to our customers. However, we would like to offer our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience experienced by our customers due to the recent spreading of COVID-19.

As a result of COVID-19, the number of countries restricting entry is increasing rapidly, which is causing unexpected flight changes and cancellations are occurring continuously.

We are currently operating an emergency system and increasing the number of customer service personnel to respond to our customers as best as we can. However, even then, our service center is overwhelmed with the number of inquiries that are resulting from the rapid changes and unexpected turns. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and patience as we process requests in an order that prioritizes customers with the soonest departure dates.

Korean Air promises to take all necessary measures to assist customers who need to cancel their flight tickets or change travel schedules, and to swiftly resolve any related difficulties.

We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused to our customers and promise to further supplement and improve our system in order to resume normal service operation as quickly as possible.

Korean Air wishes you and your family good health and happiness. Thank you.

How Korean Air is working to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Reinforcing disinfection processes within the aircraft

All aircraft are to be disinfected once per week. Especially, all flights to North America, China, and Italy are to be disinfected daily. If there is a suspicious case of COVID-19, the aircraft which he or she boarded will be quarantined and thoroughly disinfected before passengers on subsequent flights can board.

Precautionary Measures on Board

To protect all employees, including cabin crew, in contact with customers, we are equipping aircrafts and airports with surgical masks and hand sanitizer. A special safety kit will be provided for cabin crew to be utilized in flight. This includes surgical masks that can be provided to passengers showing symptoms of COVID-19 and to passengers sitting nearby.

Making in-flight announcements

As part of the in-flight announcements, we will explain all measures that will be taken in case a passenger shows symptoms of COVID-19 during the flight. We are also distributing a health questionnaire to all passengers, which must be submitted to the quarantine office upon arrival.

Enforcing temperature checks for all passengers

All passengers on flights from Seoul/Incheon are having their body temperatures screened. Fevers are detected using thermal imaging cameras and hand-held thermometers stationed at Immigration and at boarding gates. Please note that passengers with body temperatures over 37.5 degrees Celsius or 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed to travel.

Enforcing sanitary measures for in-flight meals

We are maintaining a stricter standard on mealtime sanitary measures, which includes requiring all employees on board to wear surgical masks during mealtimes. For all China routes, disposable cutlery is used to serve in-flight meals. In-flight meals, which are supplied locally, are loaded for return flights from Hong Kong, Beijing, and Taipei at the time of departure from Korea.

Providing flight-related information regarding COVID-19

We are working to minimize any inconvenience for our passengers by providing flight-related information on Entry Restrictions by Country, Flight Suspension Information, and Ticket Guidelines, all of which are available on the Korean Air website.

Our partner's Travel Information

Korean Air strives to create a safe for your journey with our partners. You can learn further information on their website.