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Common Conditions

  • Be sure to check terms and conditions when making reservations. Mileage accrual may be unavailable according to regions, branches, etc.
  • Always provide your SKYPASS membership number when making reservations, then show your membership card when you pick up your vehicle.
  • Miles will be credited to a SKYPASS account of the driver (renter) listed in your booking.
  • Miles will be credited to your account within 4 weeks from the date of service. To ensure you received proper credit, please keep your receipt or voucher. (Allow maximum of 8 weeks for
  • If you hire a driver, no mileage accrual will apply.
  • If miles are not credited properly to your account, please contact your service provider within 180 days from the date you picked up the vehicle.
  • Mileage is credited as per a partner company’s requests. For more details, please contact the specific car rental company directly.