Rail & Fly

Rail & Fly

Rail & Fly, a special service in partnership with Korean Air and Deutsche Bahn, offers you economical, relaxing and scenic rail travel to numerous cities in Germany.

From the mainline railway station in Frankfurt, ride the train to major cities such as Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Cologne, Bonn, Berlin and many others. Plus, you will get to your destination fast – 1 hour or less to Cologne and Bonn or 2 hours or less to Düsseldorf, Nuremberg or Stuttgart.

Who Can Use Rail & Fly?

  • Korean Air passengers travelling from Seoul to Frankfurt and continuing from Frankfurt to other major German cities (and back to Frankfurt).
  • Passengers with paid airline tickets who start their journey from Korea, Germany, or Japan. It is not available to customers travelling with mileage award tickets.

Where you can go with Rail & Fly?

You can travel to major cites of Germany connected with Frankfurt Airport station by Deutsche Bahn such as Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Cologne, Bonn, Munchen, Berlin and many others. (Special trains such as Thalys, DB Autozug, ICE-Sprinter are may be restricted)

Travel time for Major German cities

Why Choose Rail & Fly?

  • Experience the comfortable and convenient Deutsche Bahn.
  • Enjoy beautiful scenery while travelling on the train.
  • Save your transfer time.
  • Less expensive than purchasing train tickets separately.
  • Korean Air staff provides additional guidance about the Rail & Fly service at the Frankfurt Airport to make your train journey comfortable.

Tips for Using Rail & Fly

  • Upon purchasing your Seoul-Frankfurt ticket (through customer service centres, branch offices or travel agencies), we recommend you to book Rail & Fly service simultaneously.

    Booking Rail & Fly Service on Korean Air website is unavailable, so please contact our service center.

  • Train Tickets are valid for the day of and the day after your arrival in Germany, and the day before and the day of your departure in Germany
  • The airline itinerary (e-ticket) will include a pickup number of your train ticket.
  • Service is free for children under 10 when accompanied by an adult; however, you must list accompanying children when you purchase tickets. (Service is not available to children unaccompanied by an adult.)
  • Advance seat reservations for your train journey are recommended. Otherwise seats may not be available on your specific train. Seats can be reserved in advance by visiting the Deutsche Bahn website (www.bahn.com Open New Window ), at DB Travel Center or at the ticket vending machines. Seat reservations include an additional fee. When reserving a seat, please take into consideration flight delays
  • Upon boarding the train, you must have a train ticket or an airline e-Ticket and passport or ID.
  • Please contact the initial booking service point in case of rebooking or reissuing an airline ticket which includes Rail & Fly service.

Korean Air ground staff at the Frankfurt Airport can provide additional guidance about the Rail & Fly service.

Issuing Tickets

Issuing ticket is available through “Rail & Fly Web Check-in” or using ticket vending machine located at train station You can experience convenience of Rail & Fly service by issuing train ticket through Web Check-in in advance.

How to use Rail & Fly Web Check-in

  • Tickets can be issued by Rail & Fly Web Check-in 3days before your flight departs.
  • If you’re using Rail & Fly for a roundtrip journey, please proceed Web Check-in for each bound of your journey.
  • Please board the train with your printed Rail & Fly ticket, passport and Koreanair e-ticket. Otherwise you may be denied boarding by Deutsche Bahn.
  • If you lose your Web Check-in ticket, please re-issue your ticket through Rail & Fly Web Check-in homepage.

How to use Ticket Vending Machine

Please refer to the below detailed explanation
  1. Select your language-Select the British flag at the screen
  2. Select (All offers)
  3. Select (Pre-booked Tickets)
  4. Select (Collection of pre-booked tickets Rail & Fly)
  5. Enter the Pickup Number which is given on issuing airline e-Tickets
  6. Select (Confirm) and take the train ticket
  • If you already issued your train ticket by Rail & Fly Web Check-in, re-issuing ticket by vending machine is unavailable.
  • Train ticket pickup numbers are provided for each way. (If you have booked Rail & Fly for a roundtrip journey, you will receive 2 pickup numbers – 1 for the outbound and 1 for the return journey.)
  • If you change your flight schedule, your original pickup number may change. Check with the airline or the agent that booked the tickets.
  • If you lose your pickup number, please contact Koreanair staff or our customer service center.

Additional Information

Transferring from your flight to your train

  1. Flight arrival (Terminal 2).
  2. Immigration and Baggage Claim.
  3. Customs Inspection.
  4. Proceed to Terminal 1.
    (Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 are connected by Skyliner Monorail or Shuttle Bus.)
  5. Proceed to Airail Terminal.
  6. Receive your train ticket at the vending machine and board the train. 

How to move between Airport terminals

  • The Skyliner monorail is located on the fourth floor of Terminal 2. Exit at the Terminal 1 B/C zone.
  • The shuttle bus stop is located on the second floor of Terminal 2 Gate D/E. Take off when the bus arrives at Terminal 1 (Level 1).
  • The Regional Bahnhof is located in the basement of Terminal 1. To reach the Regional Bahnhof station (local train station), proceed to the basement (Level 0) of Terminal 1 and follow the “Regional Bahnhof” signs.
  • For the Fernbahnhoff station, proceed to the pedestrian overpass on the third floor. To reach the Fernbahnhof station (long-distance train station), proceed to the second floor (Level 2) of Terminal 1 and move to the Airail Terminal (follow the “Airail Terminal” signs) through the pedestrian overpass.

Frankfurt Airport Terminal Map pdf  download