Allowed to Bring/Unrestricted

Free Baggage Allowances

Free baggage allowances regarding size, weight, and quantity of baggage vary with passenger itineraries, seating classes, and SKYPASS membership grades.

  • The maximum size (width + height + depth) is 158cm/62in and the maximum weight per bag is 23kg/50lb or 32kg/70lb depending on your ticket class and itineraries. Baggage size between 159 and 203cm may incur additional charges, and more than 204cm/80in (46kg/99lb) is not allowed for checked baggage. 
  • For the safety of the baggage handlers, some countries might restrict items that exceed the maximum weight and/or size (width + height + depth) for a single piece (32kg/70lb & 158cm/62in) regardless of seat class and/or extra baggage payment.
  • Service Charge
    Fees vary depending on departure country and destination.
  • Currency
    Departures from Korea will have KRW as the standard currency, while departures from the U.S. use USD, departures from Canada use CAD prices and departures from Indonesia use IDR prices. Departures from other countries will use USD standard price converted based on the exchange rate of the day.

SKYPASS Checked Baggage Allowances

Membership comes with extra baggage privileges.

Depending on your SKYPASS membership grade, you are allowed to check extra baggage. (Restrictions may apply if you’re flying with a SkyTeam partner or codeshare partners.)

  • Morning Calm Club: Additional 1 Piece
    (32kg for First and Prestige classes, 23kg for Economy class, when flying economy on itineraries to or from Americas, additional 1 free baggage cannot be applied.)
  • Morning Calm Premium Club: Additional 1 Piece
    (32kg for First and Prestige classes, 23kg for Economy class)
  • Million Miler Club: Additional 1 Piece (32kg)

In case of weight system, additional 10kg of baggage allowance for Morning Calm Club, additional 20kg for Morning Calm Premium Club, and 30kg for Million Miler Club.

Carry-on Items allowed

Carry-on Items detail
Seating Class Pieces Total Weight

First and Prestige

2 Pieces bags

18kg or 40lb


1 Piece bag

10kg or 22lb

Dimensions limits

  • Up to 40cm in width, 20cm in height and 55cm in depth including the handle and wheels.
  • or a total sum of less than 115cm per piece

Additional carry-on allowances

One additional personal carry-on item — laptop, briefcase, handbag — is permitted for Economy Class. (Total weight of carry-on bag and additional allowance should not exceed 10kg.)

Restricted carry-on items This page opens in a new browser tab/window. 

Carrying on musical instruments.

If the size of your musical instrument is less than 115 cm (45 in.) — such as a violin — you may carry it on free of charge. Larger instruments are permitted as carry-on items but an additional seat will need to be purchased to accommodate each item. Check for details here

Carry-on baggage storage

  • All carry-ons must be able to be stored completely in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
  • Please double-check to make sure you have all of your personal items before leaving the aircraft. 

Code share partners may have different policies of carry-on baggage.

In-flight comfort products like bedbox, Leg Hammock have potential to impede access to exits and aisles, damage aircraft fixtures, and block access to emergency equipment. In order to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers, the use of such products is prohibited.

Transporting Sports Equipment

Please refer to the below detailed explanation.

A golf bag containing golf clubs (A is a height of the golf bag that includes the golf club. B indicates the length of the golf bag and C indicates the width of the golf bag.)

  • An overweight fee, an oversize fee and a handling fee may be charged. For details, please refer to each item listed on the right.
  • Maximum dimensions per bag, regardless of fee: Total weight, 32 kg (70 lb); total linear size(A + B + C), 292 cm (115 in)
  • Sports equipment not in a hard case (or an exclusive packing container) is not compensable, when it is damaged.

Transporting Valuable Items

Keep valuables with you

  • We strongly advise that you carry on high-priced items (such as laptops, cameras, jewelry and currency) and not check them in with your other baggage.
  • If you do decide to check such items, Korean Air is not responsible for any damage, loss and/or delay during transportation.
  • If you have checked valuables and your baggage is lost during your flight to or from the United States, you will need to provide evidence of the valuables and their value.
  • Korean Air cannot be held liable for any damage that resulted from an inherent defect or quality in the baggage.

Our Ad Valorem Policy

  • Korean Air operates on an Ad Valorem (Latin for According to Value) system that guarantees compensation of the value of an item reported lost or damaged.
  • Ad Valorem fees are calculated at USD 0.50 per USD 100 of the value of the item reported. For more details, please speak with your Korean Air representative at baggage check-in.