Transfer Procedures

Baggage connection may not be allowed due to the circumstances and rules of the transit airports or connecting airlines.

From one international flight to another

(Example: Incheon to Tokyo to Los Angeles)

  • When you fly on a Korean Air international flight, then transfer to another international flight on a different airline to reach your final destination, your baggage is usually transferred automatically to your next flight regardless of carrier.
  • You need only check your baggage at your original departing airport and simply claim it when you arrive at your final destination. 

From an international flight to a domestic flight

Domestic flights in Europe

(Example: Incheon to Frankfurt to Hamburg) 

  • Your baggage is automatically transferred from flight to flight to reach your final destination.
Domestic flights in Korea

(Example: Los Angeles to Incheon to Daegu)

  • When you arrive in Korea and transfer to another Korean domestic flight, there is no automatic transfer. You will need to claim your baggage and check it in again for your next flight.
  • Exception: If you have a connecting itinerary to Busan/Daegu with a Korean Air Transit Exclusive Domestic Flight, your baggage will automatically be transferred.
    (Note: If you proceed to immigration at Incheon Airport, you will not be allowed to board a Transit Exclusive Domestic Flight.)
Domestic flights in the USA and Canada

(Example: Incheon to Los Angeles to San Francisco)

  • When you arrive in the U.S. or Canada from another country, you will need to claim your baggage at your first stopover.
  • Because your baggage tag will display your final destination, simply move your baggage to the conveyor belt allocated to transferring passengers after customs inspection.
  • Then proceed to the check-in counter of your domestic airline for your seat assignment.
Domestic flights in most countries:

(Example: Incheon to Tokyo to Fukuoka) 

  • In the majority of countries, including Australia, Japan, Russia, China and India, your baggage is not automatically transferred. You must claim and recheck your baggage.