Long flight?

Get comfortable with your favorite movie, TV show, magazine, music, or game. Korean Air is ready to entertain you.

Curl up with a good magazine.

Morning Calm magazine is more than a simple in-flight publication. It presents the most breathtaking places in Korea and around the world with the highest-quality photography and design. As a matter of fact, Morning Calm has been recognized numerous times with awards for its creativity. So relax and enjoy!

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Sights. Sounds. Motion. Interactivity.

Korean Air offers a variety of movies, including popular Hollywood hits, European and Asian movies; documentaries, dramas and sports programs; and feel-good music that makes a great companion for your journey.

A new world of entertainment is in the air with the hopes that you enjoy your relaxing flight to the fullest. For details while you’re on board, please refer to our in-flight magazine, beyond.

beyond, Korean Air’s very own in-flight magazine, is a perfect combination of in-flight entertainment guide and interesting articles.

In beyond, you will find listings and information on our programs, plus more news on movies, music, celebrities and artists. Written in both Korean and English, it is available in all classes and in Korean Air lounges.

beyond is definitely the first thing you will reach for after you have settled into your seat! 

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Sky Program

With this audio/video on demand (AVOD) system, you can enjoy movies, short films, music albums and games on your personal monitor.

The Red Program

This is our “main screen” program, featuring movies and short films. You can also enjoy a varied music selection using the channel buttons on your seat.

In-flight AVOD service

This service is provided to all 737 MAX 8, A220-300 aircraft passengers. You can enjoy various in-flight entertainment, free of charge, by connecting to the in-flight WiFi with your personal mobile device. We recommend that you download the "beyond M" wireless AVOD application before boarding.

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Note: In-flight entertainment programs are subject to change without prior notice, in case of unavoidable circumstances.