Entry restrictions by countries

Last Update: October 23 11:00 (BST)

Please be noted that the entry restrictions of each country are being changed from time to time without pre-notice.
The following information is only for reference, not a guarantee any departure or entry of passengers at each country.
Passengers can also find the information for entry restrictions through IATA Travel Document News Open in new window .

Northeast Asia

Entry Restrictions / Quarantine Requirements Entry Procedures / Special Conditions
Republic of Korea

<Entry Restrictions>
• All visa exemption entry into South Korea for 90 countries are suspended (as of Apr 13)
  [Exemption] Diplomat/Government Official passport holders, Crews, ABTC/APEC CARD Holders

• Restriction on entry to nationals of Japan is effective as current.

• All valid single/multiple short-term visas issued before Apr 5, 2020 are suspended. (as of Apr 13)
  [Exemption] Long-term visa and short-term employment (C-4) visa

• Re-entry permit exemption will be suspended for long-term stayers in Korea as of 1st Jun.
 - They are required to obtain a re-entry permit before leaving Korea.
 - They are required to submit a medical certificate related to COVID-19 issued within 48 hours prior to the date of departure for Korea

   [Exemption] Diplomats (A-1), Government Officials (A-3), Overseas Korean (F-4), Registered aliens who left Korea before June 1, 2020

<Quarantine Requirements>
All passengers entering Korea (as of Apr 1)
 - Korean nationals/foreign nationals of long-term stay will be quarantined for 14 days at registered address.
 - Foreign nationals of short-term visit will be quarantined for 14 days at designated facilities with own expense.
  [Exemption] Foreign nationals who are family members of Korean nationals or foreign nationals of long-term stay

<Transit Restrictions>

• Any passenger transiting in Korea must have a confirmed connecting ticket and transit within 24 hours.

• Nationals of Mongolia and Russia are not allowed to transit through Korea (as of Jun 3)

  [Exception] Nationals of Mongolia and Russia are allowed to transit through Korea if they depart from and arrive in a 3rd country.

  - Nationals of Russia are permitted to transit through Korea when traveling on Korea-Russia scheduled flight

• Thai nationals returning to Thailand need to hold documents issued by the Thai Embassy to transit in Korea

• Passengers traveling from China to third country are permitted to transit at Incheon International Airport (as of Aug 31)

• All international/domestic passengers must wear a mask. (as of May 27)

• All passengers entering Korea will undergo special quarantine.

 - must have an available phone number

 - must have a mobile device for installing self-diagnosis apps

 - restricted to use public transportation and domestic flights
   [Exceptions] Jeju residents, certificate of quarantine exemption holders, E9 visa holders
 - must get COVID-19 test within 3 days upon arrival

• Individuals will pay for hospitalization of infectious diseases for confirmed foreign patients who have arrived from overseas.
 - Scope of pay application : Applies differently depending on reciprocity
 - Effective date: Arrive after 0:00 on August 24th KST
   (Effective date applies differently who violators of quarantine measures after 0:00 on August 17th KST)

• All passengers on the flight to Korea will undergo fever check at the departure airport. Boarding will be rejected for those who have fever with temperature over 37.5'C.

• All Passengers(excluding Korean) departing from Uzbekistan, Philippines, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Bangladesh within the last 14 days and arriving/transferring to Korea via a third country need a PCR-negative certificate.
 - A certificate issued from medical institutions designated by diplomatic offices of Korea Open in new window pdf  Open in new window  within 48 hours before departure.

 * Designated medical institutions are subject to change and need to be reaffirmed through dipiomatic offices of Korea.

• All crew members holding C-3-11 visa are required to hold a valid PCR-negative certificate. (as of 24 July)

 - A certificate issued from medical institutions designated by dipiomatic offices of ROK in Philippines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan within 48 hours before departure.There is no designated medical institutions for crew members from other countries than listed above and more countries are expected to be added by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries if deemed necessary.

• Foreigners with an E-9 visa must hold the 'Confirmation of Self-quarantine'

• Osaka(KIX)-Incheon(ICN) KE724 on Nov. 5, 12, 19, 26 and Nagoya(NGO)-Incheon(ICN) KE742 on Oct. 31 and Nov. 13 are only available to passengers listed below
 - Korean passport holders
 - Marriage visa holders (F-6), Spouse or children (minor) of Korean, Permanent Resident (F-5), Diplomats and their dependents
 - Passengers transferring at Incheon Airport

• Korea-Japan Business Track launched as of October 8
 - For details refer to notice from 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Open in new window 


<Entry Restrictions>
All passengers departing or transit from Korea requires certificate of Nucleic Acid test for COVID-19. (As of 24 Aug)

- The test result issued within three days before boarding (Test certificate original form required at the airport check-in/transit)

 * Validity of Nucleic Acid Test Certificate Reduced to 3 days from 5 days as of Sep 9

- The tests should be taken at institutions that are located at the place of departure and designated or recognized by relevant Chinese embassies or consulates.
  [For Chinese transit passengers] Using health QR Code App, submit the results of the nucleic acid test to the embassies/consulates and receive green health codes with an “HS” mark
   [For 3rd country nationality transit passengers] Submit the results of the nucleic acid test to the embassies/consulates for obtain a Health Declaration Form, and than transfer within the expiration date.

* Test certificate original form Required
* Applicability countries and effective dates Open in new window 

<Quarantine Requirements>
All passengers (for 14 days)

• Visa exemption entry suspended

• All existing visas invalidated

• Transit passengers departing from Middle Eastern countries or Philippines are not allowed to board Korean Air's China-bound flights from Incheon

<Before Travel>

All passengers traveling to China are required to complete a customs form through homepage Open in new window  within 24 hours prior to arrival

Hong Kong

<Entry Restrictions>

Entry only allowed for Hong Kong passport holders, Hong Kong ID card holders(Entry is not allowed when residence visa expires), Documents regarding ID holders, Permanent residence ID card holders

<Transit Conditions>
• Any passenger transiting in Hong Kong should be checked through at the original port of departure with printed boarding passes issued by the first airline for all sectors, baggage tagged through to the final destination and within 24 hours. On the condition of holding conjunction tickets which separated tickets is not allowed. (Transit counters at Hong Kong airport are closed)

• Transit not allowed for any passenger traveling to Mainland China

<Quarantine Requirements>

All passengers traveling to Hong Kong will be quarantined

<Regulations for passengers who have visited High-risk areas>

• High-risk areas: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and South Africa, Kazakhstan, U.S.A, U.K.
• Required documents:
 - COVID-19 nucleic acid test negative results certificate issued within 72hours before departure(English or Chinese)
 - Document proving the test was conducted by a government approved institution
 - Hotel reservation confirmation letter(room reservaion not less than 14 days starting on the day of the arriva)

• Transit passengers departing from Middle Eastern countries are not allowed to board Korean Air's Hong Kong bound flight from Incheon.
Reference Open in new window 

<Entry Restrictions>

Foreign nationals who have visited or transited in 159 countries in the past 14 days

[Exceptions] Japanese/special permanent residents/re-entry permit holder/visa holder

Passengers holding re-entry permit or visa are required to submit negative COVID-19 test result conducted within 72 hours before departure along with other required documents

Details on the entry restriction can be found on "MOFA of Japan" Open in new window  website.

<Transit Restrictions>

Transiting at Tokyo/Narita Airport (NRT) only allowed within 24 hours
- Transfer to Terminal 3(Low Cost Carrier) is not allowed

<Quarantine Requirements>

• Conducting PCR test(Saliva test) for all passengers upon arrival by airport quarantine authority
- PCR test result for negative : Wait 14 days at a local location (Home,Hotel etc, restricted from using the public transportation)
- PCR test result for positive : Will be quarantined at a facility for 10 ~14 days

• Immigration process is conducted after the PCR test process is over (as of Aug 3)
- Need to wait for separate locations at the airport until the PCR test results are confirmed
- Quarantine procedure and PCR test confirmation takes about 2 hours

• Visa exemption entry suspended (for 159 countries)

• All existing visas invalidated

• Osaka(KIX)-Incheon(ICN) KE724 on Nov. 5, 12, 19, 26 and Nagoya(NGO)-Incheon(ICN) KE742 on Oct. 31 and Nov. 13 are only available to passengers listed below
 - Korean passport holders
 - Marriage visa holders (F-6), Spouse or children (minor) of Korean, Permanent Resident (F-5), Diplomats and their dependents
 - Passengers transferring at Incheon Airport

• Korea-Japan Business Track launched as of October 8
 - South Korean or foreign nationals residing in Korea are eligible to
apply for the Business Track
 - For details, refer to notice from 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Open in new window '


<Entry / Transit Restrictions>

All foreign nationals

[Exceptions] Residence permit holder, Diplomatic/official visit, Certified business contract holders and other special entry permit holders*
(*) Special entry permit holders are required to submit negative COVID-19 test result issued within 3 days of departure

<Quarantine Requirements>

All passengers

No content

Southeast Asia

Country Entry Restrictions / Quarantine Requirements
Entry Procedures / Special Conditions

<Entry Requirements>

• All foreign nationals(excluding Cambodian) must have a valid visa (pre-issued multi-visa is valid, only sticker-type visas are accepted, electronic visas are not accepted)

 - 'E' visa valid on the old passport can be accepted with the new passport accompanied but Immigaration recommend passenger to renew the sticker visa in the new passport

 - Otherwise, if a valid 'K' visa is in the old passport with the new passport accompanied, entry is not allowed (requires obtaining a new visa in the new passport)

• All foreign nationals(excluding Cambodian) must have a medical certificate(PCR result) to prove COVID-19 negative and it must be an original document(stamped or signed by the doctor and written in English. Antigen or Rapid test results are not acceptable). The certificate must be issued within 72 hours of departure.

• The traveler must have proof of insurance covering USD 50,000(it must be an original document written in English).

• Deposits must be made by cash or credit card cash withdrawal, of USD 2,000 with the designated commercial banks present at the point of entry. This deposits will be deducted for payments on services during the implementation of health measures


• ' K','A','B' Visa holder no required for Health Insurance and deposit.

• Diplomatic/Official passport with 'A', 'B' type Visa needs to provide COVID-19 negative certificate.(Effective date : 17 Aug)
The certificate must be issued within 72 hours of departure.

• Issuance of e-Visa is suspended, and e-Visa issued previously is invalidated
• Arrival visa issuance is suspended
• Transiting Cambodia is not allowed

<Quarantine Requirements>

All passengers will undergo COVID-19 test upon arrival, then they will be quarantined at a facility for 14 days if the test result of one passenger is positive. All expense for test, stay, meal and quarantine will be charged to the passengers.

No content

<Entry Requirements>

All foreign nationals

[Exceptions] KITAS/KITAP holders, participants for national projects, diplomats, Medical & Food aid/supporters

They must have a medical certificate to prove PCR Test result of COVID-19 negative, and quarantine is required for 14 days after arrival.

<Transit restrictions>

Not allowed

• Visa exemption entry suspended
• Arrival visa issuance suspended

• Recommend downlad e-HAC App Open in new window pdf


<Entry Restrictions>

Foreign nationals are allowed to enter Malaysia if they fall into below categories
- Permanent residents, MM2H visa holders, pre-authorized by Malaysian government with an 'approval letter' issued by Malaysia Immigration

※ Foreign nationals exempted from 'approval letter' requirement
  - Permanent Resident (PR)
  - Diplomat
  - Long Term Pass (Spouse)
  - Expatriate Visa (Passengers who left Malaysia after July 11 must hold approval letter from the Immigration to re-enter the country)

The entry conditions vary depending on the type of visa and the date of departure from Malaysia, please check with the visa issuing authority.

<Entry Requirements>

• All passengers requires obtaining embassy permission
after fill in a letter of Undertaking(LOU) by email it to the
Embassy of Malaysia at least three (3) days before departure date. And also requires of Travel Notice issued by obtaining emabssy (Related with above LOU)

• All passengers are required to undergo COVID-19 screening test upon arrival
 - The costs for the test will be borne by the passengers(MYR 120)

<Quarantine Requirements>

All passengers (at a facility for 14 days)
- All expense will be charged to the passengers.

LOU Download site

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Open in new window 
Immigration Department of Malaysia Open in new window 
Ministry of Transport Malaysia Open in new window  
Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia Open in new window 

LOU Submit : Click Open in new window 


<Entry Restrictions>

Foreign nationals who have visited/transited the following countries* in the past 14 days
(*) Gyeongbuk/Gyeongnam/Daegu/Busan in Korea, China, Iran, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh

• Arrival visa issuance suspended

<Entry Restrictions>

Foreign nationals who have visited Daegu/Gyeongbuk in Korea in the past 14 days

<Entry Requirements>

All foreign nationals are required to obtain a Myanmar visa at the Myanmar embassy in each country, and submit a medical certificate to prove COVID-19 negative. It must be issued within 72 hours and written in English.

<Quarantine Requirements>
All passengers (at a facility for 21 days and self isolation for 7 days)

• Issuance of arrival visas/e-Visa for Myanmar is suspended (including for diplomatic/official passport holders)


<Entry Restrictions>

• All foreign nationals

  - Spouses of Filipinos (requires valid visas and documents)

  - Children or parents of Filipinos (requires family certificate)

  - Visa holders who belongs to government or international organizations etc.

• All passengers are required to wear both face shields and facial mask (As of Aug 15)
 - Manila Airport : Departure flights only

 - Cebu Airport : Departure and Arrival flights (Not allow to deplain from the aircraft when not wearing)

 * Goggles are not accepted

• All passengers travelling to Cebu are required complete an On-line registraion form to obtain Travel Reference Number(TRN) and a barcode Open in new window 

No content

<Entry Restrictions>
All foreign nationals

[Exceptions] Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long-term pass holders, with prior authorization, are allowed to enter

<Transit restrictions>

Not allowed (Transit will be allowed after approval by CAAS)

<Quarantine Requirements>
All passengers including Sigapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who stayed in following countries will be required to quarantine accordingly

• Passengers stayed in Macau, China, Taiwan, Malaysia will self-quarantine for 7 days
• All other passengers, including those come from South Korea, will be quarantined in facility for 14 days
• Passengers who stayed in Brunei, New Zealand, Australia(excluding Victoria state), Vietnam (only for direct flight) for 14 continuous days will be exempted from quarantine requirements.

  * COVID-19 test to be conducted on arrival at own expense.

• Required to complete e-health declaration Open in new window  and embarkation form prior to arrival (On-line submission available 3 days prior to arrival)

• Fast Lane for essential business and official travel from Korea is available
 - Travelers who wants to travel on the Fast Lane are required to apply online before departure via [LINK] Open in new window 


<Entry Restrictions>
Passenger services to Bangkok resume as of November 2020

<Entry Requirements>
• Thai
 - COE (Certificate of Enrty)
 - Fit to Fly Certificate
 - Confirmed ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) Hotel Reservation

• Foreign nationals
 - Valid VISA
 - COE (Certificate of Enrty)
 - Fit to Fly Certificate
 - Confirmed ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) Hotel Reservation
 - Negative COVID 19 PCR Test Result (within 72 hours before departure)
 - Medical insurance certificate which covers USD100,000

※ ASQ hotel list (Click Open in new window )

No content

<Entry Restrictions>

All foreign nationals
[Exemptions] All passengers need special approval to enter Vietnam

• All passengers are required to hold negative PCR test result issued within 5 days of departure

• Required to complete e-Medica Declaration Open in new window  Form before arrival

• Visa exemption entry suspended

America / Europe / Middle East / CIS

Country Entry Restrictions / Quarantine Requirements
Entry Procedures / Special Conditions

<Entry Restrictions>
All foreign nationals
[Exemptions] Citizens/permanent residents and their immediate family members

<Quarantine Requirements>
Australian citizens/residents and their families

No content

<Entry Restrictions>
• All foreign nationals


 - Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their family

 - Work/Study permit holders (only entry with essential purpose)

 - Diplomats

* All passengers entering Canada will be required to be quarantined for 14 days

• Temperature check for international flights passengers departing and arriving in Canada (as of Jul 25)
 - Effective date for flights departing from Canada : Jul 30, at noon eastern time
 - Application at YYZ, YVR, YYC, YUL airports only

Aviation measures Open in new window  in response to COVID-19

<Entry Restrictions>

All foreign nationals


 1. EU citizens, EU residents, families of EU citizens, diplomats, doctors, workers for goods trading

 2. EU countries announced lifting of travel restrictions to certain nationalities.
  - France : Lifted entry ban for some nationalities including S.Korea
  - Netherlands : Lifted entry ban for some nationalities including S.Korea
  - Germany : Resident status holders of EU, Shengen nations, UK and their immediate family members are allowed to enter
  - Czech Republic : Nationals of low risk countries are allowed to enter without restrictions when traveling from such countries

* Passengers are requested to refer to authorized government sources for information. Entry requirements and policies may vary given the rapidly evolving nature of the response to COVID-19 in each country.

• Korean Air flight to EU countries to France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Spain, Czech Republic
- All passengers travelling to Netherlands are required to fill out and submit the Health Declaration Formpdf Open in new window  before departure.

New Zealand

<Entry Restrictions>
All foreign nationals

<Quarantine Requirements>

• NZ citizens/resident

• Australian citizen/residents who resident in NZ

• diplomats / NZ government permits holders

• Some passengers are required to pay for the use of quartine facilities charge with own expense (as of Aug 11).

- Reference Click Open in new window 

- Single Room $3100.00/1 Person (Extra Adult $950.00, Child $475.00)

No content

<Entry Restrictions>
All foreign nationals except for flight crews or resident of Russia
[Exemptions] Korean nationals on direct flight to Russia can travel to Russia on visa waiver program as of September 27.

<Entry Restrictions>
• Foreign nationals must hold COVID-19 negative certificate(written in English or Russian). The certificate must be issued within 3days of arrival.

• Own nationals no require COVID-19 negative certificate. However must get COVID-19 test within 3 days upon arrival.

* As the criteria for frequent policy changes and individual cases vary, accurate information needs to be re-checked by the relevant authority.

<Transit Restrictions>
COVID-19 negative certificate require for transit

No content

<Entry Requirements>

All passengers must complete the 'Passenger Location Form Open in new window ' through online. It must be submitted within 48 hours before arrival in the UK. Failure to complete the form, passengers might be refused entry into the UK or be fined. (as from Jun 8, LINK Open in new window  for the Passenger Location Form)

<Quarantine Requirements>

All passengers arriving in UK will have to self-isolate for 14 days

[Exemptions] Passengers travelling or returning from one of the travel corridor countries* (from July 10)
(*) Countries and territories exempted from self-isolation requirements. UK Government's guidance Open in new window 

- Passengers who have been to or stopped in a country that is not on the travel corridors exemption list will have to self-isolate until 14 days have passed since leaving that country

No content

<Entry Restrictions>
Anyone who has visited/transited China, Iran, Brazil or the European states in the past 14 days

[Exceptions] US citizens, permanent residents

<Quarantine Requirements>
• All passengers arriving at Guam
• All passengers arriving at Hawaii

• All passengers destined for the U.S will undergo a COVID-19 screening, interview and fever check before board the aircraft. (As of Jul 24)

 - Depending on the result, the passengers may not be able to board the aircraft.


All passengers are required to complete an online traveler form prior to arrival in Massachusetts(Boston).
 - Except for some exceptions, such as COVID-19 test negative certificate holder issued within 72 hours of arrival, all eligible passengers are required to conduct self-isolation for 14 days.
 - Fine will be applied if failing to fill out the Massachusetts Travel Form or for violating a 14-day self-isolation obligation.

* More detail information is available at:

   COVID-19 Travel Order Open in new window 

   Massachusetts Travel Form Open in new window 

New York, JFK

All international passengers arriving at New York state as their final destination are required to complete Traveler Health Form and to conduct mandatory self-quarantine for 14 days


 - Passengers transiting through in New York within 24 hours are not expected to comply.

 - If a passenger begins travel from a Low-risk country (e.g. Cambodia, Thailand) and transit at ICN within 24 hours and finally arrive at JFK

* More detail information is available at:
   NY governor's announcement Open in new window 

   Traveler Health Form Open in new window