Catering & In-flight Business


The catering business manufactures and serves food that matches the various preferences of passengers at the right time of travel. The catering business develops menus based on surveys on passenger preference, and creates revenue by producing food on land that matches the airplane's planned operation and offering it to the airline.

The catering factory was designated as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Thus, we have upgraded food sanitation and quality to the highest global standards by establishing a Food Safety Research Center annex at Inha University to systematically manage the production process from getting ingredients and cooking to passenger service.

The catering business will continue to develop new and diverse menus that reflect the characteristics of each region, route and passenger needs, and impart to the world the excellence of unique Korean cuisine that is enjoyed by all customers.

In-flight Sales

The in-flight sales business sells duty free goods to passengers in international flights from Korean Air, and we are working to improve sales efficiency by actively operating a “pre-ordering system for airline duty free goods.” We are also increasing customer satisfaction by continually surveying and researching customer needs and providing a variety of products, and through strict quality management.