Korean Air is engaged in various environmental protection activities, including tree-planting projects all around the world as ongoing Green Management Activities in an effort to protect the earth’s environment.

Employees planting trees in the desert nearby Mongolia in order to create Korean Air Forest

Started in 2004, “The Korean Air Forest” project is our overseas tree planting project during the spring in the desert near Baganuur, Mongolia, an area with rapid desertification due to global warming and other environmental factors. The tree-planting project expanded to the “Korean Air Green Garden” at the Kubuqi desert in China, which will act to reduce yellow dust blowing from China. This project is also playing a major role in promoting a friendly relationship between Korea and China. As a result, we have planted approximately 1.5 million trees in Mongolia and China.

In 2009, Korean Air began participating in the MTLA (Million Trees LA) Foundation that is making Downtown Los Angeles greener. Other projects and initiatives include:

  • Introduction of Next Generation environmentally friendly aircraft
  • Joint propulsion of Green Projects in Downtown LA, together with Los Angeles MTLA Foundation
  • UNESCO World Natural Heritage registration support for Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes
  • Korea’s first flight operation using biofuel