Thank you for visiting Korean Air website.
Starting September 21, we are introducing a new passenger system and upgrading our website. During the stabilization period, some services on our website will be temporarily restricted as our new system takes effect. We ask for your kind understanding during this process. Please refer to the below information for restrictions.

Restrictions on Website

Information for Restrictions
  Restricted Service on Website Alternate Method
International and
Domestic Flights
Itinerary Change
  1. Entire Itinerary Change (Before ticket purchase) : Make new reservation through home page and cancel original reservation once tickets are issued
  2. Partial Changes and Ticket Reissue : Available through service center or Branch office
Bonus Upgrade Reservation
and Ticketing
  1. Reservation: Available through Service Center or Branch office
  2. Ticketing : Visit City or Airport Branch office
International Refund Available through service center or Branch office.
Domestic Mileage Bonus Ticket Refund
(Applies to tickets issued before September 22)
Available through service center or Branch office.
Web/Mobile Check-in for certain flights (For 2 months from September 22) Check-in At airport


  • Although mileage bonus upgrades can be done at the airport, congestion is expected. We recommend that passenger contacts our local branch office prior to departure and complete the process.
  • Please verify before visiting our branch office as some branches may not have ticketing functions available.

We appreciate your understanding during this transition period. We will do our best for our website to operate normally as soon as possible.