Korean Air will take care of your coats until your return!

Seoul, South Korea (December 1, 2014) – Heading from the winter cold to Australia or an exotic beach in the southern hemisphere, and don’t want to lug your bulky, winter coat along? Korean Air will provide a free coat storage service for its passengers leaving Korea and travelling to warmer countries on its network, such as Thailand, Hawaii and Australia.

The service is available for international departures from Seoul’s Incheon Airport and additionally this year Korean Air will expand the service to also include Gimhae Airport in Pusan, where many flights to Southeast Asia operate.

The service will be provided between 1st December ~ 28th February 2015 and during this period, Korean Air passengers can travel light by storing their winter coats for free, at either airport, collecting them upon their return.

Korean Air provides a specialized, secure and reliable commissioned service, with the coats hung on sturdy hangers and covered during storage.

To store coats, passengers at Incheon International Airport simply show their boarding pass at the Hanjin Express counter located in Area A of the passenger terminal on the third floor of the airport. On their return they just need to show the storage receipt at the same counter to retrieve their coat. The coat storage service is available 24 hours, every day. A passenger can store one coat for five days for free. After that free period, a surcharge of KRW 2,500 per day will apply.

For passengers travelling from Pusan, the service is available on the second floor of the international terminal at Gimhae International Airport, between 5:40am ~ 9:30pm every day. After that free period, a surcharge of KRW 500 per day will apply.

Korean Air introduced the coat storage service in 2005 and it has become increasingly popular. The airline expects more than 300 passengers a day, traveling to a warm-weather destination, such as those in Southeast Asia, Hawaii and Australia, to use the service.