Seoul (29 June, 2017) – Korean Air was honored as the “Best Airline Service Provider” in the 2017 Global Customer Satisfaction Index (GCSI), sponsored by the Japan Management Association Consulting (JMAC) and the Chinese in-flight magazine 'Han Sang’, a part of the Beijing Youth Daily Group. This is the 13th consecutive year for Korean Air to capture the award.

GCSI is an index, established by the multi-cultural consulting group, JMAC, to measure customer satisfaction levels. Each year, the group compiles and evaluates customer satisfaction factors, customer values and global competitiveness as criteria to select the best corporation.

Korean Air’s continuous effort to introduce eco-friendly aircraft, to provide high quality in-flight service and to develop new flight routes is being recognized by the industry. Thus, it has maintained its top place for more than a decade among the rest of the airline service providers.

Recently, Korean Air introduced the Boeing 787-9, a next-generation aircraft known as the “Dreamliner”. It is an eco-friendly aircraft made of more than 50% carbon fiber composites. The aircraft also provides improved passenger experience through increased cabin window size and ceiling height, by 78% and 5 inches respectively. Cabin pressure and moisture levels are also set to be higher than conventional aircraft, creating a more comfortable in-flight environment for passengers.

Korean Air has set up its groundwork across different aspects, striving to boost passengers’ satisfaction levels while maintaining stable growth. The airline is constantly introducing new high-efficient aircraft equipped with premium seats, committing to offer the utmost comfort for passengers. Moreover, the company is keeping a keen eye for global environmental issues, and has carried out different initiatives to improve the global environment, such as conducting tree-planting activities in Mongolia and China.

In recent years, Korean Air is working to strengthen its global competitiveness through network developments. Last year, the airline launched new routes to Guiyang in China, Okinawa in Japan and Delhi in India. And this year, the airline is also adding a new flight to Barcelona, another key city in Spain. In addition, the airline continues to expand its co-operation with overseas airlines to provide a more diverse and convenient schedule for customers.

Korean Air spokesperson said, “As a leading global airline, the top priority for Korean Air is to create value and satisfy customers’ demand. We will continue to strive for service excellence and will adapt necessary changes for better development.”