Effective August 24, 2016, Marriott International has joined Korean Air as a FFP partner, enabling SKYPASS members to accumulate mileage as follows.

  • Accrual

    • 1~2 mile(s) awarded for each $1 spent on 'Room rate only' or 'All qualifying charge including Room rate'

      Accrual rate and criteria for crediting SKYPASS mileage are different from each brand.

    • Marriott Rewards Rewarding Events : 1 mile for each $1, Max 15,000 mile per event

      At least 10 room nights on a single night or catered only events at certain participating brands

  • Transfer:

    Marriott Rewards Points can be converted as SKYPASS mileage

    SKYPASS Mileage converted from Marriott Rewards Points can be accrued only when both accounts’ names are matched.

    Points should be converted to mileage based on the previously mentioned Accrual.

  • Note:

    Both SKYPASS & Marriott Rewards membership enrollment required and please contact partner's website or customer center for more information.

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