Korean Air will be changing the status of membership accounts with no mileage activity, which includes no mileage accumulation and no record of bonus redemption within the last 5 years, by deactivating these accounts.

General conditions of SKYPASS 4.

Korean Air reserves the right to manage inactive membership accounts, i.e. those with no accumulated mileage and no record of bonus redemption within the last 5 years. Members whose membership accounts were deactivated may continue to use the available benefits of the SKYPASS program, such as bonus award redemption by going through a verification process for re-activation.

Members with inactive accounts are not allowed to use the mileage bonus with the inactive account. Members with inactive accounts can use all of the features such as flight search, reservation, purchase, etc. even in the inactive status, except for the features related to mileage bonus.

Members with inactive accounts who wish to use bonus awards can continue to enjoy the existing SKYPASS benefits by completing a prescribed verification procedure for reactivation.

Members with inactive accounts can continue to accumulate mileage even if the account is inactive. Once mileage is accumulated, the account is automatically activated.

Korean Air will continue to ensure the safe management of your valuable mileage information and privacy.

Thank you.