Beginning January 15, 2018, Korean Air will be putting partial restrictions on air travel for passengers with smart luggage containing lithium batteries.

Smart luggage with removable lithium batteries may be checked or carried on.

  • As carry-on luggage: The bag may be brought inside the cabin with the lithium battery equipped.
  • As a checked luggage: The bag can be checked after removing the lithium battery. The lithium battery must first be handled for short-circuit prevention and brought with you into the aircraft. (Short-Circuit Prevention: Keeping batteries from short-circuiting using insulation tape or vinyl)

If the lithium battery cannot be removed, the smart luggage can neither be checked nor carried on.

Effective Date: As of January 15, 2018

Smart luggage: A bag equipped with a lithium battery for convenience functions, such as GPS tracking, weight measurement, automatic locking, power bank, etc