Achieving excellence through education

Choong Hoon Cho, our founder, believed that fostering talent encouraged growth, which makes the company stronger. Korean Air continues to follow his thinking and invests in education programs throughout our homeland.  

Jeongsuk School students are throwing the graduation caps, celebrating their graduation at the hangar

Under the Hanjin Group, Inha and Jeongseok Academic Institutes thrive, while our Ilwoo Foundation sponsors scholarship and academic programs. Our financial support helped establish Inha University's Jeongseok Memorial Library, Korea's largest digital library. To improve its academic environment, we helped build a dormitory and the Hi-Tech Center at Inha.

Korean Air’s  Jeongseok Academic Institutes runs:
In addition, Korean Air:
  • Sponsored the construction of the Pratt & Whitney Institute for Collaborative Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC)
  • Spurred an industrial-academic collaborative research and development program with Inha University, Korea Aerospace University, USC and Airbus