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On March 1, 1969, Korean Air started off as a small airline in Asia with only eight planes. Since then, we have strived to develop new markets and improve customer services through continuous changes and investments.

“To be a respected leader in the world airline community”. This is the vision we announced in 2004 to celebrate Korean Air’s 35th anniversary. To achieve this vision, and our slogan “Excellence in Flight”, we endeavor to provide you with uncompromised safety standards and distinguished services.

This year marks Korean Air’s 50th anniversary. For the past half-century, we have soared to great heights as a global airline. We will never forget that our roots lie in the love of our customers and the trust of our nation, which is why we are known as the “Wings of the People”.

Korean Air is ready to take the next step and fly towards the new century. We want to become the “Wings of the World”, and contribute to creating a better society for everyone.

We will continue working hard to establish Korean Air as a respected leader in the global aviation industry, an airline that everyone wants to fly with.

Thank you again for your support and trust.

Korean Air employees


To be a Respected Leader in the World Airline Community


Excellence in Flight

Please refer to the below detailed explanation.
  • Operationnal Excellecnce
  • Innovative Excellence
  • Service Excelence

Facts & Figures

At the end of March 2020, Korean Air owned 167 aircraft and operated scheduled flights to 125 cities in 44 countries worldwide, including 13 cities in Korea.

As a leader in the global transport network, Korean Air is performing a pivotal role in further enhancing Korea’s progressive reputation around the world. We are expanding our global network by establishing new routes and are maintaining growth by increasing overseas sales.

Moving forward, our goal is always ‘Excellence in Flight’ and to be recognized as an industry leader by promoting sustainable growth through strengthened competitiveness and by being able to quickly and flexibly respond to market changes and customer needs.