A Career With Korean Air

A Commitment to Our Employees

Our founder believed that a company is the sum of its people. We continue to uphold this philosophy and work to build a great workplace where our employees feel valued and respected, growing through personal and professional success.

  • Respect the dignity of our employees, maintain a trust-based relationship and value our employees as the most important asset.
  • Operate our human resource management system in a transparent and indiscriminate way through fair compensation based on accomplishments, performance and the capabilities of the employees.
  • Provide the best possible benefits for a higher quality of life and support our employees’ self-development and self-realization with a wide offering of programs.
  • Provide a safe and pleasant workplace for our employees.
  • Provide timely and accurate information to employees through effective communication.

Professional Growth

To develop globally competitive talent, Korean Air provides diverse and extensive training programs in areas such as business skills, airline management and other service skills for all ranks and position. Our online and offline courses are designed to maximize educational growth and core competency programs.

Our training center specializes in flight operations, maintenance and cabin services in a dedicated effort to  maximize expertise.  In addition, the wide range of online education courses allows employees to overcome time and location constraints, with each selecting courses that meet their needs. Online programs cover airline operations, management and service skills for global operations.

Education Opportunities

Korean Air provides a number of training courses covering business management, job skills, service, foreign languages and business manners for all ranks and positions as well as specialized courses to foster globally competent talent. Our online and offline courses are designed to maximize educational effects and we also have specialized competency-building programs for global employees.


Korean Air not only provides monetary compensation, but also a variety of benefit programs. Korean Air’s compensation system supports the quality of life of its executives and staff, and is managed to assist each employee in fulfilling his or her duties. Male and female employees are compensated equally.

Aside from regular welfare benefit programs, carrier-exclusive welfare benefit programs are also provided, which allows its executives and staff to feel a sense of pride. Every year, performance bonuses are granted based on business performance results, and safety related performances are separately evaluated to provide safety incentives for those who qualify. Furthermore, flight tickets are provided at a discounted price for executives, staff members, and their direct family members, not only for Korean Air -operated routes, but also anywhere in the world to enjoy leisure and travel. In addition, health and social insurance-related programs customized for local situations are provided.

Charter of Ethics

Korean Air regards transparency and responsibility as vital management values. We respect free market principles and abide by relevant rules and regulations in our business practices. With these principles, we strive to promote prosperity for the company and society as a whole.

As a result, Korean Air institutes a Charter of Ethics, which we vow to put into practice at all times.

  • Regard customer satisfaction and safety as our highest priority.
  • Respect all employees and make an effort to enhance their quality of life.
  • Exert best efforts to increase investment value for our investors.
  • Promote joint development with our business partners based on mutual trust.
  • Respect the principles of free competition and that we are the front-runner in the development of the airline transport industry.
  • Contribute strongly to the development of society and to the preservation of the environment.
  • Acknowledge the corporate principles set forth by the company and uphold all of our obligations and responsibilities.

Whistleblowing System

The whistleblowing procedure has been in place to eradicate personal and business favors requested and/or provided by employees, illegal acts, corruption and other irregularities that often arise in deals involving suppliers. Anyone can report any of the above via e-mail at jebo@koreanair.com Open in new window  or whistleblower@koreanair.com Open in new window . All received reports go through fact-finding investigations for appropriate measures to determine appropriate punishments or corrective action. Reporters are strictly protected according to the internal rules and procedures, and are kept up to date with the progress of the investigation.