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* Ticket refund / Cancellation (postponing) request

Ticket purchased via Korean Air Website / Mobile,
can get refund through Korean Air Website/Mobile
[Log-in - My Trips - Cancel Reservation/Refund]
without any penalty or fee. (For tickets purchased at 3rd party travel agency, please contact the place of purchase)

Send Comments/Complaints

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  • Please note, Korean Air is not currently subscribed to an approved ADR scheme therefore neither the ODR platform nor any approved ADR providers will be able to accept your complaint.
  • You can log your complaint with CAA’s Passenger Advice and Complaints Team (PACT) by completing the online complaint form via the CAA website: www.caa.co.uk/passengercomplaints Open in new window . Under the subtitle ‘How the CAA can Help’ you will need to click on the link ‘Refer your complaint to us’. You can then access the CAA’s consumer portal where you can submit your complaint to PACT.