SMS & E-mail Notice Services

To get the latest updates about your air travel, you can opt to receive text alerts to your mobile phone through the SMS (short message service) or e-mail alerts. Simply include your mobile phone number and e-mail address when booking your flight through, through our service center or travel agencies.

  • SMS service is available in Korea (Korean), Australia/Canada/Fiji/New Caledonia/New Zealand/Palau/US (English), Japan (Japanese), China (Chinese)
  • For mobile phone numbers in US and Canada, SMS notice will be sent only to the passengers who give their consent.
  • E-mail service languages are Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese
Notice Service Details
Scope of service Time frame for sending notice and items for reference
Notice of flight cancellation and delay If a flight cancellation is determined 25 minutes before departure or if a flight delay of more than 30 minutes is determined 1 hour before departure (30 minutes before departure for domestic flights), a text message will be sent out to notify all applicable passengers (both the city and the mobile phone number must be registered to receive SMS).
Notice of flight schedule change Immediately upon flight schedule change
It will be sent to all numbers on the reservation
Notice of stand-by reservation confirmation Immediately upon confirmation of stand-by reservation
Notice of Ticketing Time Limit for reserved ticket Notice will be sent 1 day prior to Ticketing Time Limit
Notice of unused domestic flight ticket after purchase
(Domestic, Korean only)
For unused ticket, notice will be sent 2 days after the departure date
Notice of fare change on reserved itinerary Immediately upon fare difference from change of aircraft
Notice of assigned seat cancellation on reserved itinerary Notice will be sent immediately upon cancellation of pre-assigned seat due to change of aircraft
(To/From US, CA, GUM flights : D-73 Hours, Other flights : D-48 Hours)
Notice of Supplemantary Service Immediate confirmation of unaccompanied minor travel services, baby seats, baby harnesses, pet transportation services, and service animal transportation services.


  • This information is also available for Korean Air flights booked through travel agencies. (Except for notices regarding cancellations of advanced seating assignments)
  • Notice will be sent to the mobile phone number and e-mail address registered during reservation.
  • Depending on the circumstance of the message service provider, a message may be unsent, duplicated, or delayed.
  • In addition to general notification methods, we have also been using KakaoTalk (Korean only) since September 2, 2015 to send notifications.
  • If KakaoTalk is installed on your phone, you will receive notification via KakaoTalk according to the phone number you input (or have entered) during reservation or SKYPASS registration (notification will be sent via SMS if you do not have KakaoTalk). If you change USIM (SIM) card when traveling overseas, you may not receive KakaoTalk notifications as the phone numbers of your phone and the USIM card are different.