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Independently tour Gyeyang/Geomam station’s Ara Waterway bicycle trekking, Gimpo International shopping mall, Hongik University station’s youthful street and more.

  • Location/Information :AREX Express
  • Cost : Varies
  • Hours : 5:20 to 22:40

Visit Site: english.arex.or.kr Open a new browser

Tel : 82-1599-7788

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You can take a direct ride of AREX Express from Seoul Station to Incheon International Airport Terminal 1,2 (without any stop). From Incheon International Airport, 1,2 (you can transfer to KTX), take a subway bound for Seoul Station. It will arrive at Seoul Station after making a stop at Incheon Int'l Airport Cargo Terminal, Yeongjong, Unseo, Cheongna Int’l City, Geomam(you can transfer to Incheon subway line 2 or KTX), Gyeyang(you can transfer to Incheon subway line 1), Gimpo Int’l Airport(you can transfer to line 5 or line 9), Magongnaru(Opening scheduled station), DMC(you can transfer to line 6 or Gyeongui Jungang line), Honik Univ.(you can transfer to line 2 or Gyeongui Jungang line) and Gongdeok Station(you can transfer to line 5, line 6 or Gyeongui Jungang line).