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Independently tour Gyeyang/Geomam station’s Ara Waterway bicycle trekking, Gimpo International shopping mall, Hongik University station’s youthful street and more.

  • Location/Information :AREX Express
  • Cost : Varies
  • Hours : 5:20 to 22:40

Visit Site: english.arex.or.kr Open a new browser

Tel : 82-1599-7788

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You can take a direct ride of AREX Express from Seoul Station to Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 (without any stop). From Incheon International Airport, take a subway bound for Seoul Station. It will arrive at Seoul Station after making a stop at Cargo Terminal, Unseo, Cheongna Int’l City, Geomam(you can transfer to Incheon subway line 2), Gyeyang(you can transfer to Incheon subway line 1), Gimpo Int’l Aiport(you can transfer to line 5 or line 9), DMC(you can transfer to line 6 or Gyeonguiline), Honik Univ.(you can transfer to line 2 or Gyeonguiline) and Gongdeok Station(you can transfer to line 5, line 6 or Gyeonguiline).