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Korean Air’s complimentary program, designed for small and mid-sized enterprises, is offering discounts for enrolled travelers and up to three (3) round trip upgrades from upgradeable Economy fares into Business Class, 2 complimentary tickets, 6 excess baggage annually per company (Korea bound). Travelers already enrolled in Korean Air’s SKYPASS Frequent Flyer program will continue to receive all personal benefits.

Savings - For Travelers

Registered travelers and their companions receive discounts when booking on koreanair.com (opens a new browser) and traveling from a Korean Air Gateway in the Southeast/Southwest Asia and Oceania.

Discounts (within 5%) may vary and may not be available at all times and on all flights. Other restrictions apply.


Within one week of registration completion, online discount coupons will be deposited in koreanair.com(opens a new browser) account of travelers. When logged in, a link to 'Promotional Coupons' on the payment page can be used to apply discounts. First time users of koreanair.com (opens a new browser) must register their SKYPASS number on the Login Page (opens a new browser) prior to enrolling into KAL BIZ Program.

Rewards - For Company

Enrolled companies can earn up to three (3) round trip Business Class upgrades from an upgradeable Economy Class ticket (M, B, or Y fares), 2 complimentary Economy Class tickets, 6 excess baggage each calendar year which can be redeemed the following calendar year.

Earnings are based on tickets flown between January* and December excluding fuel surcharge, applicable taxes and charges, from Southeast/Southwest Asia and Oceania associated with the company’s registered SKYPASS Frequent Flyer numbers, regardless if the tickets were purchased on koreanair.com, Korean Air call center/ticketing counter or through a travel agency. Earned Upgrades, Complimentary Economy Class tickets, Excess baggage are sent to the registered Company Administrator and can be used for any company employee.

*For first calendar year, the earnings are based between the date of enrollment and the end of calendar year.

List of benefits for KALBIZ
Upgrades/Complimentary Tickets/Excess Baggage for Korea bound Per Ticket Purchases
(Prior Calendar Year)
Ticket Purchases Upgrade Complimentary Ticket Excess Baggage

Southeast/Southwest Asia USD  15,000

1 X  One Way Business Class Upgrade



Oceania USD  20,000

Southeast/Southwest Asia USD  40,000

1 X Round Trip Business Class Upgrade

1 X Round Trip Complimentary Ticket

2 X Excess Baggage 1PC

Oceania USD  50,000

Southeast/Southwest Asia USD  75,000

2 X Round Trip Business Class Upgrade

1 X Round Trip Complimentary Ticket

4 X Excess Baggage 1PC

Oceania USD  90,000

Southeast/Southwest Asia USD 120,000

3 X Round Trip Business Class Upgrade

2 X Round Trip Complimentary Ticket

6 X Excess Baggage 1PC

Oceania USD 150,000

Enrollment - Administrator

To enroll a company as an authorized administrator, simply submit the administrator’s contact information along with company details and the Korean Air SKYPASS Frequent Flyer numbers and emails of the company’s travelers on the KAL BIZ Registration page.(opens a new browser)

Registered travelers will receive a welcome email from Korean Air once enrolled explaining the details of the program.

Enrollment - Travelers

Once enrolled, the company can add travelers by submitting the request together with thier SKYPASS Frequent Flyer numbers and the company’s registration number on the Company’s Traveler Section of the KAL BIZ Registration page or by sending an email to helpkulds@koreanair.com

To register to become a SKYPASS member, click here (opens a new browser)


KAL BIZ is a complimentary program offered by Korean Air to the Southeast/Southwest Asia and Oceania businesses that hold a valid Company registration number and enroll a minimum of three (3) employees into the program. No minimum purchase required for the first two (2) calendar years to receive discounts. To continue receiving discounts in the 3rd calendar year, company’s registered travelers must have spent a minimum of USD 5,000 annually, in the 2nd calendar year, flown on Korean Air purchased either direct or through a travel agency. Korean Air reserves the right to determine a company’s eligibility to participate in the Program. Companies already enrolled in a Korean Air program offering discounts such as corporate program/corporate contract as well as seller of travel are not eligible to enroll as participating Company and receive rewards.

Program may change anytime upon general notice.