Mileage Accrual Rates

Per Booking Class

Booking class can be confirmed via e-ticket itinerary receipt.

mileage accrual rates details
Cabin Class Booking Class Accrual
Domestic within Korea International
no content P (Reference 2) 200%
no content F (Reference 2) 165%
no content A (Reference 1) No accrual
no content J 135%
C, D C, D, I,
R (Reference 2)
Z Z 100%
O O No accrual
Economy W, Y, B, M, S, H, E W, Y, B, M, S, H, E, K, L, U 100%
G G 80%
Q,T Q, N, T 70%
K, L, N, U, X, V X, V No accrual

(Reference 1)  Award tickets and free promotion tickets do not earn miles. 

(Reference 2)  Accrual rates apply from the departure on April 1, 2018.