SkyTeam Bonus Terms and Conditions

Eligible Flights
  • SkyTeam Bonus is allowed on all SkyTeam operated flights excluding codeshare flights.
    * exception: SkyTeam Bonus is accepted on Incheon-Paris and Incheon-Amsterdam codeshare flights.
  • If travelling in connection with Korea domestic routes, additional miles will be deducted for Korea domestic routes.

Reservation and Ticketing

  • Coupons must be used according to the sequence order in the ticket.
  • Ticket can be issued only when all bookings are confirmed, and airport standby is not permitted.
  • Ticket can be booked and issued at Korean Air website, ticketing office and service center. Please be advised that ticketing cannot be assisted at the airport, and any changes can be made only at ticketing office.

Child and Infant

  • The same bonus chart applies to infants occupying a seat and children.
  • Infant is not eligible for SkyTeam Bonus even when not occupying a seat. Please purchase a paid ticket when a passenger is infant.


  • Validity of award ticket is one year and further extension is not permitted.

Eligible Itinerary

  • SkyTeam Bonus is to be used on direct flights between departure and destination city.
  • In cases where a direct flight is not available, transfer at designated points is allowed. Please contact Korean Air Service Centers for eligible transfer points.
  • Trip must start and end in the same country.
  • Bonus chart is based on round-trip, and the same chart applies even when a trip is one-way.
  • Departure and destination city cannot be visited twice, hence, cannot be a transfer point.

Family Plan and Endorsement

  • Miles may be endorsed from/to a registered family member in order for SkyTeam Bonus to be issued.
  • However, Family Plan (pooling miles among registered family members) is not allowed.

Transfer and Stopover

  • Up to two transfers per each direction are permitted between departure and destination city.
  • One stopover is permitted during the entire journey, and it is included in the number of transfers.
  • One surface segment, or one open jaw segment, is permitted at the destination, and it is not considered as a stopover.
  • Stopover definition (based on time of stay at a transfer point)
    - If all itineraries are only within North America (U.S. / Canada): stay over 4 hours
    - All other itineraries: stay over 24 hours

Change of Itinerary

  • Itinerary change is permitted before/after starting a journey at a fee of KRW 30,000.
    * Ticket must be re-issued at Korean Air ticketing offices.


  • Ticket can be refunded only when it is completely unused. Once the ticket is used, even partially, it is not eligible for refund.
  • Depending on when a refund request is made, mileage can be deducted up to 10,000 miles.
Mileage Deduction details

More than 91 days
prior to departure date

Within 90 days from departure date

After ticket expiration date

Free of charge

3,000 miles

10,000 miles

No-Show Penalty

  • No-show penalty will be imposed if a passenger does not show up without cancelling a booking or a ticket.
    - If changing an itinerary after no-show, the same no-show penalty which applies to revenue tickets will be imposed.
      The currency is determined according to the departure country.
    - If requesting for a refund after no-show, miles described below will be deducted as penalty, and the rest of the miles will be returned.
No-show Mileage deduction table


Deducted Miles

Long haul
(Between Korea and America / Europe / Middle East / Oceania / Africa)

12,000 Miles

Medium haul
(Between Korea and Southeast Asia / Southwest Asia)

7,000 Miles

Short haul
(Between Korea and Japan / China / Hong Kong / Taipei / Ulaanbaatar / Vladivostok / Irkutsk)

5,000 Miles

Blackout Dates

  • SkyTeam Bonus may not be allowed during certain period or on certain flights according to partner airlines’ policy and restriction.
  • SkyTeam Bonus cannot be used on Korean Air operating flights during Korean Air Awards Peak Season.