Redeemable Mileage Table for Pet Companion

When traveling with a pet, you can redeem miles to pay for the fare of your pet.

(Unit : Per Cage, One-way)

Redeemable mileage details

Weight / Validity



Korea Domestic

7kg or less (Pet in cabin): 2,000 miles
32kg or less (Animal in hold as bulk): 3,000 miles

6,000 miles

Japan / China / Northeast Asia

10,000 miles

20,000 miles

Guam / Palau

10,000 miles

20,000 miles

Southeast / Southwest Asia

15,000 miles

30,000 miles

North America / Oceania / Europe / Middle East / Africa

20,000 miles

40,000 miles

South America

25,000 miles

50,000 miles

The redemption miles on this chart are based on departure from Korea.