SkyTeam Upgrade Terms and conditions

Reservation and Ticketing

  • Coupons must be used according to the sequence order in the ticket.
  • Ticket can be issued only when all bookings are confirmed and airport standby is not permitted.
  • Ticket can be booked and issued at Korean Air ticketing office and service center. Please be advised that ticketing cannot be assisted at the airport, and any changes can be made only at ticketing office. 
  • Booking confirmation and ticket re-issue are required to be completed 1~7 days prior to departure. For more details, please contact Korean Air service centers.

Child and Infant 

  • The same bonus chart applies to infants occupying a seat and children. 
  • Infant is not eligible for SkyTeam Upgrade even when not occupying a seat. Please purchase a paid ticket when a passenger is infant.

SkyTeam Upgrade Eligibility

  • SkyTeam Upgrade is permitted only when an e-ticket has been issued on regular flights operated by SkyTeam airlines, and cannot be used on codeshare flights. 
  • Only a cabin upgrade from economy class to business class is allowed on the condition that ticket is purchased at non-discounted normal fare. 
  • SkyTeam Upgrade is applicable to an itinerary that includes one or more international flights, and it is not permitted to upgrade on domestic flight only. Flights between cities of the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Hawaii are considered domestic.

Round Trip/One-way trip 

SkyTeam Upgrade is available for both round trip and one-way trip. For one-way trip, the required mileage is 50% of a round trip miles.

Family Plan and Endorsement

Miles may be endorsed from/to a registered family member in order for SkyTeam Upgrade to be issued. However, Family Plan (pooling miles among registered family members) is not allowed.


The validity of the original ticket also applies to the SkyTeam Upgrade Ticket.

Combining Upgrade with Other SkyTeam Frequent Flyer Programs

Mileage for all upgrades on a ticket must be redeemed from one Frequent Flyer Program. Miles from multiple Frequent Flyer Programs cannot be used for one ticket even though it is applied to separate routes. For further details, please contact Korean Air Service Centers.

Refund (Cancellation)

  • Ticket can be refunded only when it is completely unused. Once the ticket is used, even partially, it is not eligible for refund. 
  • Depending on when a refund request is made, mileage can be deducted up to 10,000 miles. 
Refund Mileage Deduction Table
More than 91 days prior to departure date Within 90 days from departure date

After ticket expiration date

Free of charge

3,000 miles

10,000 miles

The miles described above will be deducted regardless of a penalty applied to the original paid ticket.

Blackout dates

  • SkyTeam Upgrade may not be allowed during certain period according to partner airlines’ policy and restriction. 
  • SkyTeam Upgrade cannot be used on Korean Air operating flights during Korean Air Awards Peak Season.