Korean Air Awards

Award Ticket and Upgrade Award

Award Ticket and Upgrade Award

  • A bonus award — ticket or upgrade — can be issued through our website, service center or one of our local branch offices.
  • When you apply for bonus award at one of our local branch offices, you must submit proper redemption form along with your picture ID.
  • For detailed conditions about award ticket and upgrade award, click on the link below.

Use mileage for award ticket through homepage (Award Booking)

Use mileage for award upgrade through homepage (My Trips)

Redeem Awards in Branch office

Conditions of Bonus Awards

Award Chart 

Award Region

Service User Guide

  • One-way award requires 50% of round-trip redemption mileage.
  • Child award requires the same redemption mileage as an adult.
  • Infant award requires 10% of adult redemption mileage.
  • Ticket Award and Upgrade Award are not applicable to the segment between Americas and Guam via Korea.
  • In case of a travel itinerary that includes both international and Korea domestic flights, mileage is deducted for both the international and domestic flights according to the mileage redemption chart.

Peak season Details

  • Peak season travel requires the redemption of more accrued miles than other seasons.
  • If seasonality is different for each one-way direction, seasonality will be applied separately.
  • For travel to and from Korea, seasonality is determined by each one-way flight segment based on date of boarding.
  • For travel via Korea, the first boarding date of the journey per each sector will determine the season.

Peak Season

Validity of Award Tickets, Upgrade award

  • Award tickets are valid for 1 year from the issued date.
  • An upgrade award is valid for as long as the ticket is valid.
  • Award tickets are not extendable.

Unused Award Ticket/Upgrade Award Refund

  • If a part of an award ticket and/or an upgrade award is not used, miles for the unused portion can be reinstated after the used miles are deducted.
  • Invalid award tickets and/or upgrade awards will be refunded with a 10,000 mile deduction from your account balance.

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KAL Lounge Bonus

Redeem your SKYPASS miles to use KAL Lounge service.

Gain access to KAL lounges by redeeming your SKYPASS mileage:
4,000 miles for international lounges; 2,000 miles for Korea domestic lounges.


KAL Lounge Bonus 

(per 1 person)

Available Lounges
Redemption miles


Busan, Seoul/Gimpo, Seoul/Incheon, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo/Narita, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Honolulu



Busan, Daegu, Gimpo, Gwangju, Jeju


Service User Guide

  • By redeeming your SKYPASS mileage, you can access KAL Lounges operated by Korean Air. (Redeemed at time of access) 
  • KAL Lounge at Jeju airport serves both as an International lounge and a Domestic lounge.
  • The ticket must have been issued with a Korean Air flight number. 
  • Lounge access is available on the day of travel and is subject to lounge availability. (KAL Lounge Award is not available during the peak season Jul. 25 – Aug.5)
  • Redemption must be made from your account. (Transferring awards and Family Plan are not applicable to KAL Lounge Award program.) By redeeming additional mileage from your account, you may invite accompanying passenger(s) -up to 4 passengers including yourself- travelling on a Korean Air flight.
  • No mileage redemption is required for infants under 2 years of age. Children require the same redemption mileage as adults.

Excess Baggage Award

Cover excess baggage charges by redeeming your SKYPASS miles.

Excess Baggage mileage deduction per 1 BAG is as follows,

Redemption Miles

Japan / China / Northeast Asia


Southeast / Southwest Asia


Europe / Middle East / Africa / Oceania


Guam / Palau


North America


South America


Domestic (By weight)


* The redemption miles on this chart are based on departure from/arrival in Korea.

Service User Guide

  • Excess Baggage Award is available on a Korean Air flight only. 
    (The flight must be operated by Korean Air and the ticket must have been issued with a Korean Air flight number.)
  • Maximum 2 pieces of excess baggage per person can be checked by redeeming miles.
  • Transferring award is applicable. Family Plan is not applicable.
  • When transferring award to the family members, Award redemption form needs to be filled out and signed at the airport on the day of departure and a photo identification will be needed.  Application Form
  • To cancel Excess Baggage Award, a cancellation request must be made at the airport to get mileage credited back to your account. 
  • The redemption chart above is based on Excess Baggage rules on general baggage. For sports equipment or pets, the redemption miles are subject to special baggage charges. 

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Logo Product

Redeem your SKYPASS miles to buy Korean Air Logo products.

Mileage Redemption Chart

Redemption Miles

Teddy Bear Set


A380-800 1:200 Aircraft


A380-800 1:100 Aircraft


Jeju Pure Water Set


MICOMIC 3D Aircraft Set


Blanket Set


Service User Guide

  • The products are available on Korean Air Website (only in Korea, Korean site).
  • The products are not permitted to ship outside Korea.
  • Family Plan Miles Pooling is possible.

* Shipping/Return/Exchange : Cyber Logitec Co.,Ltd (1544-4060)