Korea Domestic Tickets

Domestic Fare

Fares are based on an one-way adult ticket.
(Airport Tax & Fuel Surcharge included)

  • Airport Tax : KRW 4,000 per one-way
    (departing from Incheon Int'l Airport : KRW 5,000 per one-way)
  • Fuel Surcharge : Subject to change in every 1 month

Fares Caterory Details

Weekday Fare (Preferred/Regular Time)

Applicable from Monday to Thursday

Weekend Fare (Preferred/Regular Time)

Applicable from Friday to Sunday

  • Preferred Time: To Jeju Island departing before 14:59, From Jeju Island departing after 12:00
  • Regular Time: To Jeju Island departing after 15:00, From Jeju Island departing before 11:59
High Season Fare

Applicable during the high season period

High season period

High season period detail
Year 2020 1/1, 1/23 ~ 1/28, 2/22 ~ 2/29, 4/30 ~ 5/5, 7/25 ~ 8/22, 9/29 ~ 10/5, 10/8 ~ 10/11, 12/25 ~ 12/27, 12/31
Year 2021 1/1 ~ 1/3, 2/10 ~ 2/15, 2/20 ~ 3/1, 5/1 ~ 5/5, 5/15 ~ 5/19, 7/24 ~ 8/21, 9/18 ~ 9/23, 12/31

Extended Premium Fare

Applicable Fare : Economy Class Normal Fare & Prestige Class

Applicable Route : Flights to & from Jeju Island

  • To Jeju Island : All flights departing on Fri. & Flights departing before 14:59 on Sat.
  • From Jeju Island : Flights departing after 12:00 on Sun.

Individual Discount (e.g. Senior, Child etc.)

Only applicable for Economy Class Normal Fare
Not applicable for Economy Class Special Fare, Economy Class Special - Hot Deal Fare & Prestige Class

Free Baggage Allowance

Economy Class 20kg / Prestige Class 30kg 

Standby reservation

Reservation for standby through the website is not possible.

It is only possible through Korean Air Service Center, and reservation will be cancelled automatically if it is not confirmed until 24hours before departure.

Domestic Discount Fares

Individual Discount

All individual discounts are not to be combined with other promotions and discount offers.

Individual Discount is only applicable for Economy Class Normal Fare. Not applicable for Economy Class Special Fare, Economy Class Special - Hot Deal Fare & Prestige Class. (e.g. Senior, Child etc.)

Please note that all passengers applying for the individual discount above will be required to present documentary evidences for their discount eligibility identification prior to the boarding. (e.g. Passport, Driver's License, Government-issued Photo ID etc.)

Passengers may check-in without showing proof of discounts if the information is applied in advance in SKYPASS membership account.
For further information, please contact Korean Air Service Center.

Individual Discount Details
Category Applying Conditions Discount Rate


Age 2 ~ 12 years



Age 13 ~ 21 years



Over the age of 65



Valid handicap certificate document for the proof of its discount eligibility required

30 ~ 50%

Resident of Jeju Island

Flights departing from & arriving at Jeju Island
(Documents for the proof of Jeju Island residence required)


Honorary Jeju Citizens

Domestic flights arriving at or departing from Jeju 
(excluding weekends/peak seasons)
Certificate of Honorary Citizenship issued by Jeju Province required


Group Discount

In case of group reservation (incl. purchase) for more than 10 passengers, please contact the nearest Korean Air office or nearby travel agency.