Airbus A220-300

a220-300 Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Airbus
  • Maximum Distance: 4786km
  • Cruising Speed: 836km/hr
  • Overall Length:38.7m
  • Wingspan:35.1m
  • Plane Height:11.5m


Ergonomically designed for enhanced space and comfort.

Slim, ergonomic design

This 18.5-inch wide seat with 118-degree reclining back support has 30~31 inches of space between you and the next row of seats, and provides personal comfort unlike any other economy class seat.

beyond M - in-flight wireless entertainment in the palm of your hand

You can access various wireless AVOD contents through your personal mobile device (cell phone or tablet) by using the in-flight WiFi.
Download the beyond-M app on your personal device before boarding the A220-300 flight to experience various in-flight entertainment provided by Korean Air.

Facility Details

  • Power supply device

  • Rechargeable USB port

  • Width between seats


  • Seat width


  • Seat reclining angle



  • Ergonomically designed seats to enjoy a comfortable flight
  • A wide seat of 18.5 inch with a maximum of 31 inch space in between is equipped with a back rest that can be reclined up to 118 degrees.
    Some seats have 36 inches spaced pitch.
  • A variety of wireless AVOD contents you can enjoy on personal portable devices