Airbus A330-200

a330-200 Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Airbus
  • Maximum Distance: 11795km
  • Cruising Speed: 879km/hr
  • Overall Length:58.37m
  • Wingspan:60.3m
  • Plane Height:17.3m

Prestige Sleeper

Feel at home in the air

Comfortable 180-degree, full-flat seat

This 20.1-inch wide seat with 74 inches of space between rows guarantees the best comfort and freedom during your flight.

One touch away from your favorite seat position and angle

The back support and footrest are fully adjustable and a one-touch button offers convenience and freedom to change seat positions to suit your needs.

Individual wide-screen movie theater with multifunctional controller

A 15.4-inch LCD monitor and great audio and video on demand choice, providing a variety in in-flight entertainment.

Facility Details

  • Entertainment system provided by personal monitor

  • Power supply device

  • Rechargeable USB port

  • Width between seats

    74inch (188cm)

  • Seat width

    20.1inch (51cm)

  • Seat reclining angle


  • Personal monitor size

    15.4inch (39cm)


  • Abundant space between seats provides privacy and comfort
  • 15.4" LCD monitor for quality viewing
  • Easy remote controls provide simple yet diverse functions
  • Convenient and simple one-touch seat control
  • Larger privacy partitions and adjustable personal reading lamp with adjustable brightness