Boeing B737-900

b737-900 Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Boeing
  • Maximum Distance: 3865km
  • Cruising Speed: 836km/hr
  • Overall Length:42.1m
  • Wingspan:34.4m
  • Plane Height:12.5m

B737 Prestige Seat

More comfortable journey.

Boeing 737 aircraft Prestige Seat

Seating 30% wider than regular economy seating, cushioned leg and foot rests provide a more comfortable journey.
Some aircrafts are not equipped with foot rests.

Facility Details

  • Width between seats

    40inch (102cm)

  • Seat width

    19inch (48cm)

  • Seat reclining angle



  • 2-2 seating arrangement for private space in business class
  • Seat control button (back, leg-rest) for lounge-like comfort