Boeing B737 MAX 8

b737-max-8 Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Boeing
  • Maximum Distance: 3241km
  • Cruising Speed: 836km/hr
  • Overall Length:39.5m
  • Wingspan:35.9m
  • Plane Height:12.3m

B737 Prestige Seat

More comfortable journey.

Boeing 737 aircraft Prestige Seat (Wireless entertainment on board)

Rest comfortably with 60% more space between rows compared to economy class seats as well as leg rests and footrests attached to the seats.

Holder for mobile devices

An individual stand is connected to the table of each seat so that you can place your mobile devices on it to enjoy your wireless entertainment.

Enjoy the Internet and wireless entertainment in the palm of your hand

You can access various wireless AVOD contents through your personal mobile device (cell phone or tablet) by using the in-flight WiFi. Download the beyond-M app on your personal device before boarding to experience various in-flight entertainment provided by Korean Air.
The Internet is available for use in the Boeing 737 MAX 8. Connect to the Internet during flight and surf the web, send a message to your families and friends, and enjoy other online experiences.

Please note that separate fees apply for using the Internet in flight.

Facility Details

  • Power supply device

  • Rechargeable USB port

  • Width between seats

    52inch (132.1cm)

  • Seat width

    21inch (53cm)

  • Seat reclining angle



  • 2-2 seating arrangement for private space in business class
  • Seat control button (back, leg-rest) for lounge-like comfort
  • Enjoy the Internet and wireless entertainment in the palm of your hand