Advance Seat Selection

Eligible customers

Customers who have purchased economy class tickets or customers with First/Prestige class reservations.

  • Even if the eligibility is guaranteed by the condition above, Advance Seat Selection may not be available in the event of unscheduled flight operations (extra or charter flights) or a delayed flight maintenance. 
  • The selection service is not offered on some of the code-share flights operated by other airlines. 
  • Group ticket holders are not eligible for the seat selection service.
  • N/T class ticket holders are not eligible for the seat selection service

Requesting a Service

  • Seat Selection can be made through Service Centers, ticketing offices or your travel agency.
  • You can select preferred seat through the homepage or application.

Service Availability

  • 361 days ~ 48 hours before departure (First/Prestige class: 24 hours before departure)

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Important Information

  • Bulkhead and exit row seating can only be assigned at the airport.
  • Some seats for the convenience of passengers in need of assistance, such as seats for bassinets, may be closed early.
  • Please note that your assigned seat may change due to a change in aircraft or other reasons. 
  • The seating configuration of the internet seat map may be different from actual configuration of the aircraft you will be boarding. 
  • Advance Seat Selection Service may be limited according to your booking class or membership level. 
  • Boarding and pre-selected seats may not be guaranteed if passengers do not check in within following stated time limits.

(prior to departure)

Check-in deadline
  International Flights Korean Domestic Flights
First 1 hour No content
Prestige 1 hour 20 minutes
Economy 1 and a half hours 30 minutes