Connecting Flight Info

Domestic-International Flight Connections

Eligible Passengers

Passengers traveling by connecting domestic to international flights of Korean Air with reservation confirmed for all routes.

  • Passengers traveling by domestic flight (Gimpo Airport)  from  international flight (Incheon Airport) connecting on the same day or the next day (limited to flights departing from regional airport by 8:30 p.m.)
  • Passengers traveling by domestic flight (Gimpo Airport)  from  international flight (Gimpo Airport) connecting on the same day
  • Passengers whose domestic route and international route are issued on the same airline ticket. (However, if both domestic and international routes are Korean Air flights, the service is available even if the tickets are issued separately.

How to use

Departing airport (Domestic flight)

Your check-in representative will complete seat assignment, boarding pass issuance and baggage transfer processing for the connecting flight(s) up to the final destination. (This service may be restricted to some airlines at their request.)

Layover airport (International flight)

You may proceed to the gate without having to visit a check-in counter to board the flight.

Information On The Minimum Connection Time

  • For smoother check-in of passengers connecting on multiple flights, we define and employ the minimum connection time between different airports.
  • Should you run out of the connection time, your boarding on the connecting flight cannot be guaranteed. Please follow the following the time allowance guidelines below.

Minimum Connection Time


Passengers who fly on an international flight and connect to a domestic flight in Incheon Airport must claim their baggage first due to entry and customs clearance in Incheon Airport and complete separate check-in at the check-in counter for the domestic flight.

Exception : Passengers who travel to Busan via Incheon on Korean Air's domestic transfer flight for Busan (KE1401/3/5/7) will have their baggage transferred to the final destination of Busan. (Note: Passengers who complete their entry processing in Incheon Airport cannot board Korean Air's domestic transfer flight.)

Traveling with more than 2 other airlines.

Check-in procedures when traveling on more than 2 additional airlines.

Korean Air can complete your check-in through to your final destination, even if travel requires connection via another airline.

  • We can assign your seat, issue the boarding pass of the connecting flight and even check baggage all the way through to the final destination.
    (Our check-in services may be limited or restricted due to regulations involving connecting airlines or destinations.)
  • On connecting flights, we highly recommend verifying the arrival of baggage at each stop.

Return Check-In Service

Eligible Passengers

First and Prestige Class passengers whose entire itinerary is within 48 hours.

Route for return check-in

  • Incheon to or from Narita, Haneda, Osaka, Beijing, Pudong, Shenyang
  • Gimpo to or from Haneda, Osaka, Beijing, Hongqiao
  • Busan, Jeju to or from Narita, Osaka