City Airport

City Airports

As of April 1, 2020, check-in process at the City airports has been temporarily suspended.
For check-in, please use the check-in counter at Incheon Airport.

Eligible Passengers & Services

  • Passengers with confirmed reservations to fly on Korean Air international flights on the same day
    For passengers on flights departing from Incheon Airport
  • Check-in process, including baggage check and immigration screening, is available.


  • Passengers on a charter flight can not undergo check-in process at the city airport.
  • A flight to US-bound(including Guam) can be checked-in except for Seoul Station City airport.
  • Codeshare flights
    • Codeshare flights operated by a Korean Air aircraft (other carrier's flight number) : Available
    • Codeshare flights operated with another carrier's aircraft (Korean Air flight number) : Not Available

For more detailed information, please visit each city airport's website.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours Details
City Area Operation Hours Check-in Closing Time
  • Check-in Counter: 05:20 ~ 18:30
3 hours and 20 minutes prior to departure
Seoul Station
  • Check-in Counter: 05:20 ~ 19:00
GwangMyeong Station
  • Check-in Counter: 06:30 ~ 19:00

* As of April 13, 2020, Ticketing counter at Samseong dong city airports has been temporarily suspended.

How to Use

  1. Take the limousine bus from the city airport after immigration screening
    Samseong-dong City Airport Ministry of Justice Immigration Opening Hours (05:30 ~ 18:30)
  2. Arrive at Incheon Airport
  3. Use designated departure passage and pass through the security and immigration screening
  4. Go to the boarding gate for your flight
  5. Boarding


  • Issuance of flight tickets and SKYPASS related services are available.
  • Group travelers cannot undergo check-in process at the city airport.

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