Overseas-Incheon-Busan/Daegu Route

Transit Exclusive Domestic Flights (Transfer within Terminal 2)

  1. 1. Arrival / Transfer (2nd Floor)

    After deplaning, follow the “Transfer” sign in the terminal.

  2. 2. Transfer SecurityScreening

    Pass through security checkpoint at the transfer area. (be ready to show passport or e-ticket)

  3. 3. Departure / Gate Screening

    After security screening, head to the Gate on the 3rd floor (departure) for your Busan/Daegu-bound flight.

Domestic flight between Incheon and Busan/Daegu is not available. (Flight is only available when transferring to/from international flights)

  • When transferring at Incheon Airport, a liquid item over 100ml purchased at an international airport or in other airlines will only pass security if the item is sealed with the receipt in a Security Tamper Evident Bag (STEP) provided by the Duty Free Shop, so do not open the seal before passing through Incheon Airport Security.
  • If you need the Incheon to Busan/Daegu flight boarding pass issued, please visit Korean Air Transit Counter located on the 2nd or the 4th floor to check in.
  • You will be unable to use Duty Free Shops at Incheon Airport when transferring to Busan/Daegu.