Transit Exclusive Domestic Flights

Terminal 2 to Terminal 1/Concourse

  1. 1. Arrival/Transfer (2nd Floor)

    After arrival, move along with “Terminal 1 / Concourse” signage and pass through the automatic transfer gate. (be ready to show passport or e-ticket)

  2. 2. Take the IAT train (B1)

    Take the Orange line IAT train and get off at the concourse. For terminal 1, you must transfer to the Blue line IAT train at the concourse.

  3. 3. Transfer Security Screening

    Pass through the transfer security screening on the 2nd floor.

  4. 4. Departure/Gate Screening

    After security screening, head to the gate on the 3rd floor (departure) for your flight.

Domestic flight between Incheon and Busan/Daegu is not available.

  • When transferring at Incheon Airport, a liquid item over 100ml purchased at an international airport or in other airlines will only pass security if the item is sealed with the receipt in a Security Tamper Evident Bag (STEP) provided by the Duty Free Shop, so do not open the seal before passing through Incheon Airport Security.
  • If you need the Incheon to Busan/Daegu flight boarding pass issued, please visit Korean Air Transit Counter located on the 2nd or the 4th floor to check in.
  • You will be unable to use Duty Free Shops at Incheon Airport when transferring to Busan/Daegu.