Golf Clubs

As a set or individually, all golf clubs must be checked.

Your golf equipment is considered as a standard checked baggage item and is included at no extra charge within your free baggage allowance.

No oversize fee applies to a golf bag within total linear size 292cm/115in.

Golf bag waiver for Korean Air operation flights only: If the total weight of one golf bag and one checked bag is:

  • 23 kg (50 lb) or less: The bag is regarded as one piece of baggage
  • 23 kg (50 lb) to 32 kg (70 lb): An overweight fee will apply
  • Over 32 kg, no waiver fees: standard baggage policies apply

Golf clubs should be placed in their own hard cases due to high risk of bending or breaking during transport.

Golf clubs not in their own hard cases cannot be compensated for damage.