Transporting Musical Instruments

As a carry-on item

  • A small musical instrument such as violin may be carried on board as long as the total dimensions (A+B+C) is less than 115 cm/45 in. (You must be able to fit your instrument securely in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.)
  • An additional seat must be purchased for a large musical instrument such as cello, double bass, or geomungo which is larger than the total dimensions of 115 cm/45 in. (You must contact our service center directly to make the reservation.)

As checked baggage

  • Since musical instruments are very fragile and the risk of damage during transportation is very high, we recommend that you carry your instrument on board (small instrument), purchase an additional seat (large instrument), or transport your instrument as cargo.
  • You may need to pay additional fees if the total number of baggage (musical instruments + other checked baggage), size, and weight exceed the free baggage allowance. [the General Baggage Regulations]
  • If the total dimensions and/or weight (A+B+C) of a musical instrument is larger than 204 cm/80 in and/or weighs more than 32 kg/70 lbs., you must purchase an additional seat and carry the instrument on board or use a freight forwarder.
  • Your musical instrument must be placed in a securely padded hard case that is designed for travel, and you must fill out the <Limitation of Liability (Musical Instrument)> when you check in.

If the ticket you purchased from Korean Air for a flight to/from the Americas includes a codeshare flight, please be sure to contact Korean Air’s service center or the agency that issued your ticket for information. (info about the service center)