For Those With Peanut Allergies

For Passengers who have a peanut allergy, Korean Air would like to give the relevant in-flight information as follows:

Snacks and Meals

To ensure safe and comfortable air travel, Korean Air does not provide in-flight meals or snacks which contain peanuts or peanut products.
However, please note that complete removal of peanut allergens cannot be guaranteed as some meals and snacks may be manufactured in the same facilities that handle peanuts.

Cabin environment

Please be aware that we cannot prevent passengers from carrying on peanut products. Further, particles from peanuts and tree nuts eaten during the previous flight can remain in the aisles, seats or the cabin air.

As we cannot guarantee an absolute peanut-free environment onboard, we strongly advise passengers with peanut allergy to follow the procedures described below before flying Korean Air:

Travel Tips
  1. Please consult your physicians on your fitness to fly under this situation.
  2. Upon reservation, please inform our staff of your medical condition, before boarding, you’re required to sign the agreement on your travel given the situation described in this notice.
  3. Family members, guardians or other persons accompanying the passenger should be able to provide medical care(ex. EpiPen etc) should any allergic reactions occur, If they are not available, the affected passenger should self-administer the treatment prescribed by the physician.
  4. For security reasons, the passenger is requested to obtain a letter from physician that he/she has a medical need to carry the syringe into the cabin.
  5. If you would like to board in advance to check and clean the area around the seat, please inform the gate staff in advance, but you must bring your own cleaning materials.