For Those With Special Dietary Needs

We care about accommodating our passengers with special nutritional needs. These meals are prepared and produced based on medical and nutritional expertise, for passengers with special dietary requirements due to medical reasons.

Low-Fat Meal

Meats with high amount of cholesterol, thick gravies, egg yolk and shellfish are avoided. Only lean fat-free meat or fish is provided.

Diabetic Meal

Daily allowances of calorie, protein, fat and sugar are carefully calculated and prepared with good balance to sustain between each meal.

Low-Calorie Meal

A meal with limited calories to help control weight.

Bland Meal

A light, easily digested meal to avoid gastric discomfort. Highly seasoned foods and oily foods are also limited. Menus based on less fatty meats are offered.

Gluten Intolerant Meal

A meal without food products containing gluten. 

Low-Salt Meal

A meal prepared to support daily sodium restriction.

Low-Lactose Meal

A meal with no dairy products, such as milk, milk solids, cream, etc.