Accompanying Animal Regulations for Major Countries

Below are the regulations of some countries that apply relatively strict regulations and they are subject to change in accordance with the respective country's policy. For details, please contact the authority of the respective countries.

Companion animals from rabies-free countries or under 90 days old regardless of region must satisfy the following conditions:

  • A microchip should be implanted.
  • A quarantine certificate issued by the official government authority is required.
  • The microchip ID number should be stated on the certificate.

Besides the above referenced conditions, for any dogs or cats older than 90 days entering from non-rabies-free countries, the quarantine certificate should also clearly state that a "rabies-neutralizing antibody" test has been administered by an internationally recognized quarantine agency or government agency between 30 days and 24 months before it was shipped, and that the result of the test was 0.5 IU/ml or higher.

For the list of rabies-free countries and more information, please reference the website of Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency  open a new window .