Travelers with Disabilities

We are committed to providing comfortable, accessible services to all our passengers - including those with disabilities. Please inform your booking agent of any special assistance you may require while traveling with Korean Air.

We will be happy to assist you in every way we can to help ensure you have an enjoyable, relaxing experience on board our aircrafts.

Vision or Hearing Impairment

If you would like an escort through the airport, we will be more than happy to oblige. And if you have a personal guide dog, it will be welcomed on board at no extra cost.

On-Board Medical Assistance

At Korean Air, we can offer medical assistance to our passengers only as it applies to the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Patient Passengers Transport Guidelines. Anyone who will need medical attention, medical oxygen or a stretcher on board is required to obtain a Medical Information Form (MEDIF) dated within 10 days of the flight from a certified medical doctor. In the case of communicable diseases or conditions that could pose a threat to other passengers, a MEDIF will also be necessary prior to traveling with us.

We ask that you confirm the viability of the patient's travel during the booking process. You must register a travel request for an incapacitated passenger at least 72 hours prior to departure for international flights (or 7 days in advance if connecting to other airlines) and 48 hours prior for domestic flights.

Stretcher Service

Any passenger who cannot physically utilize normal seating arrangements is eligible for this service.

We strongly recommend that a companion accompany the passenger during travel.

Fares and Baggage Information:
  • On both domestic and international flights, patients will be charged six times (except for domestic flights to & from Jeju island, three times) the normal price of a one-way adult economy fare. Six times the baggage weight limit will be allowed.
  • One companion traveling with a patient on a domestic flight will receive airfare free of charge. For international flights, standard fare will apply for any companions. Normal free baggage allowances will apply to companions on all flights.

Medical Oxygen Service

This service is available to any passenger who requires medical oxygen in the cabin.

  • For First- and Business-Class passengers, an additional fee may apply.
  • A maximum of 6 bottles of oxygen will be permitted on the aircraft, with a charge of USD 100 per bottle on international flights and KRW 50,000 per bottle on domestic flights.

Breathing Devices On Board

Please notify us at least 48 hours prior to departure if you plan on bringing a device on board.

Device requirements:
  • Must be approved by the FAA or applicable nations and be equipped with a label as proof of certification. 
  • Only dry-cell & lithium(not exceed 160wh) battery devices with enough power to last for at least 150% of the maximum flight time will be allowed.
    (In-flight power supplies are not available.)
  • Passengers are solely responsible for operation of their devices.
  • You must submit a physician's statement for any POC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator) device at the time of your reservation.
  • The FAA prohibits any passenger using a breathing devices from occupying an emergency exit row seat.
    Also, Bulkhead seats and some aisle seats (mask/nasal cannula become a hazard when access and escape) may be restricted for passenger with the device.

Wheelchair Access

Service Guide
  • Korean Air will provide wheelchair to the passenger who has problems with mobility because of disability, illness, old age, etc. 
  • The assistance will be provided from check-in to boarding.
    Upon arrival, we also help you move to the arrival area. The service does not include moving to outside of the terminal or moving to personal business such as shopping at duty free shops.
  • The wheelchair service is provided to the customer who pre-registered. If you apply at the airport on the day of departure, the service may be delayed.
  • Carrying heavy, large or numerous baggage while using wheelchair is dangerous. Please follow carry-on baggage rule.

If you need in-flight wheelchair, request in advance through the Korean Air Service Center or your travel agency.

Passenger's own wheelchair
  • You are welcome to bring your own wheelchair, but please note that if the size is over width : 112cm, height : 83cm , it may not be loaded on a small aircraft such as B737, so please check with our service center before you leave.
  • Battery-powered wheelchairs are permitted but require additional safety procedures, so please inform us during booking.
  • We normally allow for passenger to check in the wheelchair at the boarding gate and pick it up at a arrival, but some airports cannot provide it due to the conditions of the airport facilities.
  • You can also request help to move when using your own wheelchair.