UM Service to the Philippines

Minor passengers under 15 years without permanent resident card should be accompanied by their parents and those traveling with guardians or authorized custodians other than their parents must apply for unaccompanied minor service.

Required documents for travel include

  • Notarized guardian consent form in English
  • Application for Waiver of Exclusion Ground (W.E.G)
  • Copy of traveling minor’s and his/her parent’s passports
  • Family Relation Certificate in English
  • Entry fee (PHP 3,120)
Please note
  • A child who travels to the Philippines with only his or her mother must also have a completed guardian consent form to establish the familial relationship because the two will have different last names.
  • In case of young minor traveling alone, fill out the personal information (name, date of birth, nationality and passport number) of the guardian who resides in Philippines on required documents.

Sample is provided only for your reference. Each form should be filled according to one's travel condition.