Ticket Change/Refund Guideline

We are waiving usual fees and
providing booking flexibility
for eligible passengers
to ensure travel comfort.

Benefits better than a refund Open in new window 

Take advantage of a 10% discount 
on your new itinerary
by exchanging your ticket
for a Credit Voucher!

Flight Information

Flight schedules are subject to change. Before your travel, 
please check the latest
your flight information.

Morning Calm status extension

Considering COVID-19 impact,
we are extending elite status
by 6 months.

KAL Lounges suspension  Open in new window 

KAL Lounges are experiencing operation period changes. 
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Measures to guarantee safety

Safety of customers and staffs 
is our top priority.

A Message from Korean Air

Even though daily life have stopped,
we are doing our best to make you travel comfortable.

Stay Strong, Fly soon with Korean Air.

Our partner's Travel Information

Korean Air strives to create a safe for your journey with our partners. You can learn further information on their website.