Please be advised that ticket change/refund guidelines due to COVID-19 for flights operating normally.

1. Application : Korean Air International flights ticket

2. Period : Travel date February 2, 2020 ~ October 31, 2020, Issued on/before April 1, 2020

3. Applicable Charges

  • Refund penalty Waiver
  • Permission of date/itinerary change and waiver for 1st reissue penalty (any fare differences should be collected)
    - Allow date change within the ticket validity period
    - Only fully unused ticket can be rescheduled on/before February 28, 2021 regardless of ticket validity
  • Waiver on fare difference
    a. If new travel date is on/before July 31, 2020
        : Ticket must be completely unused
        : Fare differences will be waived as long as it is in the same cabin class and between the same cities
          (Tax/surcharge differences will be applied)

    b. If new travel date is on/after August 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021
        : Ticket must be completely unused
        : Fare differences will be waived as long as it is in the same booking class and between the same cities
          (Tax/surcharge differences will be applied)
          ※ The same booking class must be available at the change date

    c. Special cases such as denied boarding passengers due to COVID-19 or required reissue for only partially unused ticket due to entry restrictions


Not available retroactive application for refunded ticket

For Award tickets, stopover in route for flights departing on/after July 1, 2020 are not permitted-only allowing transit within 24 hours between origin and destination. 

If you have applied for a refund of an award ticket on the Korean Air website, the mileage will be refunded within 3 to 5 business days. The refunded mileage will be available for use until December 31, 2021.
If you have applied for a refund via a Korean Air office or a Korean Air service center instead of the website, please contact the service center.

Even if it does not apply during '2. the period of issue', the provisons of this regulation are applicable if there is a change regarding the establishment/extension of the prohibition/restriction of entry/exit of a specific country after ticket issue.

Contact for ticket changes/refunds

Purchased via Contact Details
Korean Air Website/Mobile

Date/itinerary changes : Service center

Refund : Korean Air Website/Mobile [Log-in - My Trips - Cancel Reservation/Refund]

Korean Air Regional office/Service center Date/itinerary changes, refund : Service center
Others (Travel Agency, etc) Date/itinerary changes, refund : the agency where you purchased the ticket (waiver condition will be equally applied)