Flight Awards


Korean Air Awards


Conditions of Award Ticket

  • Mileage Award is only available for Korean Air operated flight with Korean Air flight numbers. (Code share flight operated by other airline may be restricted.)
  • All award tickets are subject to, and the passenger is responsible for, applicable carrier-imposed fees, taxes and fees.
  • Award ticket must be used as to the sequence. If not, unused ticket is not available for boarding.
  • Stopover en route is not permitted—only allowing transit within 24 hours between origin and destination. However, one stopover is permitted in each direction for journeys starting before 1 July, 2020.
  • In case of changes in an itinerary, additional mileage deductions, taxes, or fuel surcharges may be imposed, or changes may be restricted depending on the modified route and schedule.

Redeem Awards in Branch office

Award Ticket Redemption Chart (Off Season)

Award Ticket Redemption Chart (Peak Season)

Award Region

Peak season Details

  • Peak season travel requires the redemption of more accrued miles than other seasons.
  • If seasonality is different for each one-way direction, seasonality will be applied separately.
  • For travel to and from Korea, seasonality is determined by each one-way flight segment based on date of boarding.
  • For travel via Korea, the first boarding date of the journey per each sector will determine the season.

    Peak Season

Validity of Award Tickets

  • Award tickets are valid for 1 year from the issued date.
  • Award tickets are not extendable.

Change and Refund

  • In case of changes in an itinerary, changes may be restricted depending on the modified route and schedule, or additional mileage deductions, taxes, carrier-imposed fees or a reissue charge may be imposed.
    * Charge for Change 

Korea Domestic



KRW 30,000
(CAD 30 departing from Canada, IDR 350,000 departing from Indonesia)

  • If a part of an award ticket is not used, miles for the unused portion can be reinstated after the used miles and refund fees are deducted.
    * Charge for Refund

Refund fee for domestic flights

Within ticket expiration date

After ticket expiration date

 500 Miles

3,000 Miles

     * Refund fee for international flights

Refund fee for international flights

Before 91 days or more prior to departure date

Within 90 days before departure date

After ticket expiration date

Free of Charge 3,000 Miles

10,000 Miles

  • The no-show penalty for no-show passengers will be imposed separately from the reissue or refund fees. The same amount of the no-show penalty as it is in the case of a revenue ticket will be charged to a bonus award. Penalty can be various, depending on the currency of departure country. (No-Show Penalty Amount)
    However, in case of refund after no-show, its penalty will be charged by miles. (Long Route 12,000 miles / Medium Route 7,000 miles / Short Route 5,000 miles / Korea Domestic 500 miles)

Service User Guide

  • One-way award requires 50% of round-trip redemption mileage.
  • Child award requires the same redemption mileage as an adult.
  • Infant award requires 10% of adult redemption mileage.
  • Ticket Award and Upgrade Award are not applicable to the segment between Americas and Guam via Korea.
  • In case of a travel itinerary that includes both international and Korea domestic flights, mileage is deducted for both the international and domestic flights according to the mileage redemption chart.